Aluminum alloy ladder and bridge

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Description of the advantages of aluminum alloy ladders and bridges:

Both sides of the ladder are equipped with a unique pedal locking mechanism. The brake mechanism is automatically turned on by pressing the first pedal. When moving, simply step on the reset pedal under the first pedal. Can be easily moved (fixed type optional)

It is safer to use high-quality non-slip checkered board. More solid. Removable connection. Easy to transport

Choose high-quality silent casters, convenient and flexible to move

Suitable for assembly line. Workplaces such as production workshop, warehouse shelf tally and loading and unloading

If you have special requirements, it can be customized as required, and 304 stainless steel is optional

Characteristic description of aluminum alloy ladder and bridge:


1. The stepped ladder is equipped with a unique pedal locking mechanism, using high-quality non-slip checkered plates, which is safer, stronger, and detachable connection for easy transportation

2. The connection between the e-commerce express delivery lines can make the staff interspersed, convenient and safe.

3. There are special needs that require customization, which can be customized to facilitate work and improve efficiency.

Material description of aluminum alloy ladder and bridge:

Compared with carbon steel, aluminum alloy is corrosion resistant and will not rust. The same material specifications are used, and the weight is only 1/3 of carbon steel or stainless steel.

The aluminum alloy climbing ladder is very suitable for the new energy industry, and the overall material does not contain copper, iron and zinc.

High-strength aluminum alloy profiles are made of new raw materials, and the Webster's hardness of the profiles is above 13°.

The main body adopts aluminum welding technology, the structure is stable, not easy to loose, and the service life is longer.

Fully enclosed non-slip aluminum profile pedal, internal reinforcing rib design, higher strength, high frequency use is not easy to deform and damage.