China Scaffolding General Distribution-Interior Decoration Scaffolding

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China Scaffolding General Distribution-Interior Decoration Scaffolding

The joint of the ladder should be firm and reliable, and there must be a locking device. When the clearance distance below the operation surface of the scaffolding construction layer exceeds, a horizontal safety net must be set up, and the scaffolding board can be laid when the horizontal net between the inner opening of the double-bent frame and the outer wall of the structure cannot be protected. China scaffolding is the general distributor of interior decoration scaffolding. Before the construction, he had a full understanding of the emergency handling of the accident. Scissors are used in the construction process to prevent the vertical deformation of the shelf, and the overall high interior decoration degree does not exceed 45 meters.

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Aluminum scaffolding can be recycled and reused and is easy to reuse, but you must be careful when reusing the previous unit. They must be in perfect working condition. The top poles of the full house scaffold are under eccentric compression. In the vertical and horizontal directions, there are no less than three rows of poles and a scaffold composed of horizontal poles, horizontal scissor supports, vertical scaffolds, and fasteners. The larger working height of the operator on the rack shall be such that normal operation can be carried out. It is forbidden to add utensils or single-piece construction scaffolding on the rack to increase the operation height. During the operation, stop the arbitrary removal of the basic frame members, integral members, and connecting fasteners of building scaffolding. The purpose of scaffolding is for workers to work at heights to facilitate the construction operation and obtain operation safety protection. Therefore, it is both an operating frame and a protective frame. The construction unit should prepare a scaffold construction special plan before the scaffold construction. The special plan should be targeted, effectively guide the construction, and clarify the safety technical measures. Scaffolding of single-size steel pipe. It only uses one kind of steel pipe, such as fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, and only uses p electric welded steel pipe.


1. All the rods and fasteners are separated when they are removed. It is not allowed to attach fasteners to the rods or send the two rods to the ground together. <China b interior decoration rl> 2. It has high efficiency: simple structure, easy and fast disassembly and assembly, completely avoiding the loss of bolt I and scattered fasteners. The joint assembly and disassembly speed is more than 5 times that of conventional blocks, and the assembly and disassembly are fast Labor-saving, workers can complete all operations with a hammer.

3. Wooden scaffolding boards should be made of cedar wood or pine wood, with a length of 2-6m, a thickness of not less than 5cm, and a width of 23-25cm. Plates with decay, cracks, diagonal lines and large cross-sections are not allowed. China scaffolding general distribution-interior decoration scaffolding base: a pedestal located at the bottom of the pole decoration.