Mini aerial work platform lift

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Mini aerial work platform lift

Maximum platform height: 3.9 meters

Minimum platform height: 0.7 meters

Working platform size: 1.17×0.6m

Platform rated load: 300kg1567496476360009.jpg

Rise time: 33 seconds

Fall time: 30 seconds

Lifting motor: 12/0.8 v/kw

Charger: 12/15A V/A

Overall length: 1.3 meters

Overall width: 0.74 meters

Overall height: 1.75 meters

Whole machine weight: 420kg

Mini aerial work platform lift accessories: platform control equipment; low retraction height ensures free access to various standard doors and freight elevators; safety fence, detachable design and easy to use; safety support legs; cylinder: built-in explosion-proof valve, sealing ring adopts Wall Card brand, durable; tires: nylon wheels, high bearing capacity, strong and durable; high pressure tubing: double-layer steel mesh rubber tube; surface treatment: after automatic shot blasting and sandblasting, high-pressure electrostatic spraying makes paint particles adhere more strongly , Long-lasting color; road rail: use nylon slider, large contact surface, stable lifting, small shaking; joint: each dump point between the fork frame adopts oil-free bearings or grease nozzles to ensure good self-lubrication of the equipment itself; shaft pin: 45# round steel, quenched and tempered, large bearing capacity, fully automatic mechanical welding, firm structure, beautiful appearance; bracket: Q235 high-quality steel produced by Shangang Group; electrical appliances: built-in battery, pump station, with drawer design, Maintenance is more convenient.

The advantages of mini aerial work platform lift: light weight, small size, single person can easily and flexibly move to the operating point; the lifting platform adopts high-strength manganese steel structure, four-wheel movement is convenient, the lift table is wide and the load capacity is high, and multiple people can work at the same time , Make high-altitude operations safer and more efficient. Disadvantages: 1. The maximum height of the platform is only 3.9 meters, 2. The lifting operation must be carried out on a flat ground (the level of the working ground can be determined according to the level).

Mini aerial work platform lifts are suitable for: construction sites, factories, warehouses, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, docks, gas stations, sports plants, overhead pipelines and other high-altitude equipment installation, maintenance, cleaning, etc. The elevator is also used for lifting equipment maintenance, Maintenance of field power facilities, maintenance of steel frame structure workshops, etc.