Aerial work platform type: mobile lifting platform lift

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Aerial work platform type: mobile lifting platform lift

Rated load: 200 (kg)

Electric power: 1.1 (KW)

Table size: 1160*600 (mm)

Lifting height: 8000mm

Minimum height: 1980 (mm)

Material: aluminum alloy

Maximum height: 9200mm

Lifting time: 80s

Whole machine weight: 550 (kg)

Maximum width: 50 (mm)

Power supply voltage: 20V

Base size: 360*850*1980mm

Lifting controllable stainless steel guardrail is also called elevator. It is generous in appearance and compact in structure. It is more efficient, safe and reliable. However, the volume is too large and the transportation cost is relatively high. The maximum operating height of the platform is: 4-9 meters for single mast, 6-14 meters for double mast, three The mast is 13-15 meters, the four-masted is 14-16 meters, and the six-masted is 18-24 meters.

The limiter of the mobile lifting platform: when it rises to the top, it will be disconnected and will not continue to rise; the feet are strongly adsorbed on the edge of the chassis when they are folded; the rails for the rise and fall of the guardrail; the pull rod of the machine is easier to use; the screws can be used Adjust the tightness of the chain.

Precautions for use of high-efficiency aerial work platform aluminum alloy mobile lifting platform:

1. Move the lowering switch, if you encounter a power failure, you can manually lower it. After rising, you need to tighten the lowering speed adjustment switch, which is more convenient and free to use

2. All four outriggers need to be opened and watch the level to be adjusted to the level

3. Check whether the lock switch of the guardrail is safe during use

4. The bucket must be opened when the guardrail is lowered to ensure safe use

5. The ladder and handle of the upper platform are firm and firm

6. The machine is driven by a chain, and the guide rail uses a more stable and quiet slide

7. Iron square tube platform, high safety factor, more stable and durable

8. Manual lowering switch, in case of power failure, it can be lowered manually

9. The switch design above the platform is more user-friendly and more convenient and reasonable to use