Collective protection in construction on scaffolding

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 Collective protection in construction on scaffolding

These are some preventive measures that we must take in relation to collective protection in construction:


The assembly of the scaffold must be carried out by personnel trained for this task. All parts must be constructed to prevent workers from falling into the void.

In case of working on mobile scaffolding, these structures must be secured on the base, in order to avoid dangerous movements.

The scaffolds will have collective protection measures such as railings, intermediate slats and skirting boards, mandatory from works over 90 cm.

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All connections between modules must have shear pins.

Platforms must have a minimum width of 60 cm. And its surface cannot be slippery.

Cross bars should also be included to improve the stability of the structure.

Another of the basic collective protection equipment are harnesses and lifelines, mandatory on platforms that exceed 3 meters in height.

A scaffold cannot be moved if there are personnel working on any of its parts.

Stairs must be installed indoors, never at the ends or sides.



Individual Protection Equipment

Collective protection in construction can never conflict with personal protective equipment, what is more, these two groups are complementary and mandatory.


Items that make up personal protective equipment include a safety helmet, special work gloves, and safety footwear. The protection of this equipment reduces the risk, even at very high altitudes.


All this equipment should be periodically checked and kept in good condition to avoid unnecessary risks.


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