The advantages of fiberglass ladders and aluminum step ladder

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The advantages of fiberglass ladders and aluminum step ladders.

The technical characteristics of the different types of telescopic ladders are very important to be successful in buying the model that will best suit our needs. We see them in detail materials.

Within this type of ladders we will find two manufacturing materials for sale:





Aluminum ladders are the ones with the cheapest price. These have a lot of resistance, supporting up to 150 kg and operating without wear for many years. Aluminum is a lightweight material that offers the advantages of other types of metals and alloys.

You can see all the models of aluminum telescopic ladders in the section dedicated to this type of material.

Fiberglass ladders are more expensive, but they have many advantages for professionals. They are electrical insulators, so for electricians they should be the first purchase options. In addition, its weight is much lower than those of aluminum, improving portability and handling. One person alone can fully extend it without much difficulty.

However, the ladder, those made of fiberglass, because they cost more money, are generally unsuitable for domestic use. Anyway, you can see all the models of fiberglass telescopic ladders that we have analyzed in our special section.

In addition, it is important that they have non-slip rubbers on the steps and at the base of the legs. They generally include them, but check it in case you are buying one that does not meet the minimum security measures.

At this point you should look at several types of telescopic ladder measurements:

Total length of the open staircase.

Height with telescopic function.

Dimensions and measurements of the steps or rungs:

The depth must be at least 20 mm.

§Width of the ladder.

§Width of the stabilizer crossbar if it is available.

§Dimensions of the folded ladder.

Supported weight

§From 90 to 150 kg.

The normal thing is that a telescopic ladder supports up to 150 kilograms, that is, a person with that weight can use it without problems. To verify that this is the case, you should always check the security certificate it has.