Aluminum Scaffolding Foreign Trade Company

Industry I 2020-11-30, Number of views:31

There are many foreign trade companies for aluminum scaffolding, with different quality and styles, and the standards that they meet are also different. What is the foreign trade market of scaffolding? What is the outlook? How about doing it?

Dr. Tier Aluminum Scaffolding Company is an enterprise integrating design, production, domestic sales and foreign trade sales. It occupies a place in the industry of high-altitude construction equipment operation equipment, which mainly depends on diversified sales platforms and factory production in compliance with EN1004 The result of the joint efforts of standard products. The sales characteristics and folk customs of different countries are completely different. If you want to develop into the largest scaffolding foreign trader, it is essential to send salesmen to the corresponding market for in-depth research. After completing this key point, the foreign trade market of enterprises will inevitably expand several scales, so the prospects are bound to be unlimited.

At present, there are already countless peers in China, such as Tianjin Scaffolding Foreign Trade Company, Qingdao Scaffolding Foreign Trade Company, Yangzhou Scaffolding Foreign Trade Company, Shenzhen Scaffolding Foreign Trade Company, etc., and their main platforms are 1688 International Station, Amazon, AliExpress and other globalized platforms. Common business platform. It should be noted that different countries need to comply with different standards for export. For example, European standards are EN, American ANSI, Australia AS, and Canada CAN.

The exported scaffolding styles mainly include stage truss, attached lifting frame and mobile aluminum frame. The above types are very easy to do in the European and American markets. In addition, galvanized scaffolding boards are also popular products. Some African countries consult more bowl buckle styles. Therefore, it is a necessary skill for foreign trade companies to sell different types for different countries.