scaffold engineering CAD services and scaffold design services

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We provide scaffold engineering CAD services and scaffold design services to our customers. When you purchase scaffold from Universal Manufacturing you also get a team of scaffolding engineers that can assist in assessing and designing the proper scaffold layout for your project. Our scaffold CAD services provide preliminary and final scaffold layouts with optional alternatives taking the weather, workloads, any obstacles, regulations and other factors into consideration. Our scaffolding engineers and sales team will help you address any concerns and provide solutions for a safe, efficient scaffold construction and dismantling. All of this is provided at no additional cost to our customers. That's why Our Strength is Your Support.

Scaffold Engineering & CAD Services Process


Customer contacts Universal Manufacturing Sales Representative.

Sales Representative directs Customer to Universal Engineering Team.

Scope of the project is discussed, including any issues of concern to be resolved during the design phase with the scaffolding engineers.

Customer provides detailed prints to Universal Scaffold Engineering Team.

If required, a Universal Design Specialist visits the job site.

Customer and Universal Design Team discuss initial scaffold layouts.

Universal provides a preliminary scaffold layout and possible alternative layouts taking into consideration weather, obstacles, requirements, regulations, etc.

Final scaffold design approval by customer and other necessary personnel such as architect, contractors, etc.

If required, all drawings and calculations are reviewed and stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer.