Safety rules for the use of ladders.

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A study carried out by the Responsible Engineering and Management Group of the University of Burgos, released in 2011, revealed that between 1990 and 2008 there were more than 150,000 accidents involving ladders in Spain. This figure gives an idea of the risk involved in using these ladders when safety regulations are not respected, both in relation to the state of the tools and the way they are used.

Technical Note 239 of the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene, in force since 1997, indicates "the main risks, both intrinsic and misuse" of manual ladders and gives "the solutions to take to avoid possible accidents". The following are the most useful tips for using ladders at home.

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In double stepladders, the angle that the two flights must form with each other has to be about 30 degrees. In addition, both sides must be secured with a chain, a bar or another element that gives stability to the set and is in perfect condition. In the case of extendable single-section ladders, the inclination of the ladder must be the same when resting on the wall or another fixed point, that is, the angle they must form with the horizontal must be about 75 degrees.


Only one person can be on the ladder. Your waist must never exceed the upper end of the frame and your shoulders must be kept within the area of the two stringers at all times.


In case it is necessary to change the position of the ladder, the person should go down, place the frame in the correct location and only then go back up.


If for any reason there is the slightest risk of stability, another person should stay below and hold the ladder firmly.


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