Aluminum scaffold lease, aluminum frame lease

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Shenzhen Tengda Safety Technology R & D Co., LTD. Is a professional company engaged in high-altitude work equipment. We are invested and established by a team with many years of engineering construction experience. Our main products are: aluminum alloy scaffolding, quick - mount aluminum alloy scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, scaffold folding scaffold and other aluminum alloy scaffold price project.

The rental price of scaffolding affordable, as low as 6 yuan/day. For projects of various specifications, heights and great difficulty, our company can provide construction plans and send professionals for guidance.

Aluminum scaffolding lease aluminum frame lease

Dr. SCAFFOLD is aluminum alloy scaffolding that he rents all the year round with different specifications and heights. Aluminum frame is short for aluminum scaffold. After the lease is completed, corresponding dimensions can be formed according to the specific requirements of construction to meet the needs of different college entrance examination operations.

Preparation before leasing aluminum scaffolding:

1. Comprehensively understand whether the quality, test report and certificate of the scaffold of the leasing company are complete. There are no trivial matters in working at height. As it is directly related to the personal safety of construction personnel, products of high quality and conforming to safety testing standards must be selected.

2. Understand the construction environment, dimension requirements and safe operating distance. The construction environment includes the bearing of foundation and whether it is flat; Dimension requirements are based on all aspects of job height, width and length; Work safety distance should pay attention to wire, edge operation, etc.

Aluminum scaffold rental, aluminum frame rental advantages: in the construction site, are in accordance with the unified specifications and standards, spare parts, spare parts will not be scattered, lost, easy to build, at the same time in transportation, storage can reflect unique advantages.

Focus on aluminum alloy scaffolding leasing, moving fast loading aluminum scaffolding engineering scheme and related the work high above the construction machines and related products sales and after-sales service, equipment maintenance, overhaul, maintenance, personnel training as one of the specialized enterprise, is committed to building a large bay area of guangdong is specialized in aerial work overall solutions, suppliers, Dr Ladder by the world's leading high shenzhen tengda brand products, and in line with international standards of aerial work products, to escort the work high above the construction for the customer. Through communication with customers, on-site measurement, investigation and demonstration, we provide customers with a full set of "high-altitude work product proposal program", and gradually undertake related high-altitude work projects. We set out with professional knowledge and the interests of customers, to help customers choose the right products, achieve cost-effective optimization, value for money goals. High altitude all staff adhering to the: safety is efficiency, safety achievement in the future, to provide customers with high-quality, low-price products, dedicated service as own duty. To win the trust of customers, praise as the company's staff strive for the goal!