Ladders that adapt to all needs.

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Ladders that adapt to all needs

Manual ladders made of light alloys, such as aluminum, are very useful tools, even essential in some homes

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Ladders have multiple uses, whether in industry and construction, as well as in commercial premises and at home. There are many models and different materials,but the most common in today's houses are aluminum or similar light alloys. This article details the characteristics and types of ladders and the main safety regulations for their use.

Ladders, useful for various uses

The ladder is a very useful tool at home, and even essential in certain cases, such as if you have a storage room located at a good height and you want to take advantage of it. There is a wide variety of types of ladders, which adapt to different needs, whether for construction work, in companies, at home, etc. In all cases, to avoid accidents, it is essential to check that they comply with safety regulations.

Currently, the most common ladders in the home are made of light alloys, especially aluminum, which have the advantage that they can be transported very easily, due to their low weight. Their useful life is very long, since they do not rust and in general their use at home is not very intense or requires excessive efforts.

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In general, ladders are not very tall: their length varies between 1 and 1.5 meters

The most common models are of the so-called "double scissor" type: they have two sections that open in opposite directions and the ladder supports itself, without the need for supports on the wall or anywhere else. In some cases they have steps on both sides and in others, only on one. In the latter, the other side only fulfills the support function.

In general, these ladders (also called portable ladders or ladders) intended for the home are not too high, since the objective for which they are prepared is to reach the ceiling, the storage rooms located in the heights, the top of the furniture, etc. Depending on the model, its height is usually between 1 and 1.5 meters.


Features of ladders

It is essential that these light alloy ladders have non-slip plastic shoes or bases or other material that is not electrically conductive. These shoes are in charge of preventing slips that result in falls and also preventing the ladder from serving as a channel for electrical current -if, for example, there is water on the ground and a discharge occurs- and that the person above suffers a electrocution.

The most comfortable stairs have wide rungs that are spaced slightly apart, but take up more space

In addition to the height that it allows to reach and that it complies with safety measures, there are another series of characteristics that should be analyzed when looking for a suitable ladder for the home. Among them are the tread and the riser. The tread is the horizontal plane of each step; and the riser, the vertical plane, that is, the distance that separates one step from the other. Comfort at the time of using this tool will depend on these factors and it can even be an obstacle for people with a physical problem or from a certain age.

The most comfortable stairs are those with a wide tread and a short riser, but these peculiarities reduce their reach and can also make the stairs take up more space when folded. For this reason, the decision about the most suitable dimensions of the ladder must be made based on who will use the ladder, the use that is going to be given, the space available to store it, etc.


Other types of ladders

There are very versatile ladders, which can be used as double scissors but also as a single section: the two sections open up to a 180 degree angle and remain as a straight line. In this way, a simple ladder is obtained whose length is double that of a double stepladder.

There are also other types of portable ladders, although they are generally intended for more professional uses. One of them is that of the extendable stairs, which consist of two overlapping sections and joined by rails or guides. They move to give the set the desired length and then that position is fixed to use the ladder supported by a wall or other fixed point.

And there are also still wooden manual ladders. They are very durable, they resist the eventual blows they suffer much better than alloy ones and, due to the nature of their material, they are a natural electrical insulator. Their main drawback, for which they have lost prominence to aluminum ones, is that they are heavy and, therefore, more difficult to transport.


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