How to prevent falling from the ladder and scaffold?

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How to prevent falling from the ladder and scaffold?

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 Falls from relatively low heights constitute a large proportion of the accidents that afflict our partners and own colleagues. Safer products and the proper use of stepladders, ladders, rolling scaffolding and work platforms will lead to fewer accidents and safeguards occupational health.The fact sheet describes updated product requirements and the use of the aforementioned equipment following a process with ourcraftsmen and our suppliers.

The following requirements must be met:

Stair tower (or stair with handrail on at least one side) mainly for access Completed inspection report (above 2 m height)

Correctly completed and visible green sign

Ladders must primarily be used for access and short-term work Free-standing ladders greater than 6 m must not be used


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Max.standing height 5 m

Leaning ladders above 3 m in length must be used with a cross tube at the bottom

Ladder parts may not be used separately if extending ladder is longer than 3 m in when extended

The top ladder in an extendable ladder may not be used separately if the ladder exceeds 3 m when extended.


Use in stairs is not permitted

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Free-standing extendable ladders may not be used at heights greater than 4 m Special ladders for use on truck beds are attached as illustrated and must be adjusted as necessary

Ladders must always be secured at the top with ladder straps

Attach ladder strap to middle of step, or in the event two are used,attach to each side Ladders used for access must extend at least 1m above roof/ledge) and have a maximum side opening of 30 cm

Too short ladder and too great side opening

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(when not extending 1 m above ledge and more than 30 cm side opening)

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