Aluminum alloy scaffold with platform double wide straight ladder scaffold internal climbing mobile scaffold

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Turpan where to sell scaffolding - mobile scaffolding height is how many meters

General arrangement of Construction I. Construction Conditions According to the situation of the project, the scaffold of Mantang adopts steel pipes to set up scaffolding on the concrete ground of the first floor to the roof of the second floor, so as to solve the construction of steel grid frame and internal decoration construction. Do not move, turn or stretch the ladder during the operation. Where is the scaffold sold in Turpan - how many meters is the height of the mobile scaffold? For example, the scaffold erected first and then needs to be excavated. The foundation of the scaffold may be hollowed out, and the scaffold cannot be removed.

The vertical distance of scaffold pole is generally ~; The cross distance is usually ~. Scaffolding is a working platform built to ensure the smooth running of each construction process. Double width aluminum alloy scaffold, belongs to a kind of high strength aluminum alloy material manufacture light simple quick installation scaffold system, the scaffold bottom is equipped with the adjustment foot and the casters may use the height micro adjustment and the movement work. Scaffolding is easy to install without the aid of any tools. And the use of broad frame ladder to facilitate the climb up and down, because the ladder in the built-in frame, reduce the scattered parts, so as to increase the use of the table space, but also save the construction time. The platform height can be adjusted to build in the aluminum frame any level, because of the double wide aluminum alloy scaffold work area, free combination of good performance, high mobility and flexibility, safety and stability, light weight, quick disassembly, convenient transportation advantages are decoration, cleaning, maintenance and other aerial work ideal choice. The bending degree of rebar and the requirement of reinforcement geometry are specified in the relevant standards. Since the 1990s, some domestic enterprises have introduced foreign advanced technology and developed a variety of new scaffoldings, such as bolt scaffold, CRAB module scaffold, disc scaffold, square tower scaffold and various types of scaffoldings.

Plywood material: The concave and convex process design increases the anti-skid strength. The conventional length (center distance) is:,, 2m,, 3m; Conventional width (center distance) has; The normal thickness is 1cm. Mainly divided into two types of open and integrated, open side staff from the inside of the scaffold up and down, the overall carrying capacity is relatively better. Mainly used in aluminium alloy scaffolds in accordance with EN1004 standard. See FIG. 1 for the method of drawing and bracing. The push-pull combination method has the advantages of low cost and no hole filling process after masonry, so it is widely used in multi-storey buildings. The deficiency of the bracing combination method is that the transverse stiffness of the scaffold is weaker than the rigid connection method, and the supporting steel pipe cannot be tightly connected to the scaffold and the main structure, which leads to the easy shaking of the scaffold, and is easy to be removed when the external wall is painted, thus causing safety hazards.

1. The poles, fasteners and rigid ties of the scaffold are strictly prohibited to be dismantled at will, and violators shall be dealt with strictly.

2, the width of the scaffold is generally about 2m, small shall not be less than, with sufficient strength, stiffness and stability.

3. There are initial defects in scaffold structure and components, such as initial bending and rust of rods, setting size error, eccentricity of load bearing, etc. Turpan ground scaffolding where to sell - mobile scaffold height is how many meters scaffolding inside the formation of the adjacent side (such as in the case of a large opening doors and Windows holes), in the scaffolding inside the protective railing and 30cm high kick pole.