The installation of aluminum alloy disc clasp scaffold

Industry I 2020-11-18, Number of views:9

Aluminum alloy disc buckle scaffold before installation, first of all to invite a special installation, uninstall the professional or team of scaffolding, can also see their own instructions for installation, there is a certain difficulty; The second is to wear a helmet, protective gloves, work clothes and so on, to ensure personal safety; Then it is to choose an appropriate installation address, but also to prevent the installation of the collapse or even collapse and other conditions, do enough safety measures and emergency plans. Ladder Doctor tray buckle scaffold price affordable, there are a large number of high quality spot.

Dr Ladder aluminum alloy coil scaffold is widely used in bridge construction, tunnel engineering, power installation and maintenance, oil mining engineering, shipbuilding construction, railway, airport and wharf and some civil construction fields. In addition to these large projects, aluminum alloy scaffoldings can be used in small Spaces such as elevators, stairs, corridors, etc. This scaffolding manufacturer has free technical guidance for construction and erection.


Disk-type scaffold is complete in function and wide in application. Button scaffold is adopting the 500 mm plate distance, match the stud rail and diagonal and tripod can build into the bridge with different span and different section is supported, stage, lighting tower, bridge pier safety ladder, traditional bridge shuttering system bulky and applies only to specific specifications, limitations, button scaffold can be connected into different shapes of different function template support, meet the demand of various types of building, and the rent price per ton price is very low.

Dial-buckle aluminum alloy scaffolding can be used as a support frame, and can be used as a work frame. Decorative work frame is mainly used for indoor full hall work frame, building external frame, special work frame, mobile work frame and so on. Indoor full hall work frame is mainly used for indoor wall decoration, suspended ceiling projects. The vertical rod spacing is 2.0m×2.0m, the standard step distance is 1.5m(working area step distance is 2.0m), and the working face is covered with steel pedals.