T6-6061 aluminum alloy scaffold advantage

Industry I 2020-11-18, Number of views:15

Aluminum alloy scaffold belongs to the model: DRP100 belongs to the new aluminum alloy scaffold product, by the aluminum alloy material 6061-T6 profile (also known as aerospace aluminum profile material) through processing, welding technology manufacturing, used to build the height of the platform used portable scaffold type products.

Dr. Ladder aluminum alloy scaffold adopts strong and firm aluminum alloy decorative tube with diameter of 50.8mm for aviation, using cold expanding and cold pressing manufacturing process, the frame and tie rod produced have safe rib surface, anti-skid and durable. This series of products follows the 3T construction method (through the movable plate), with the patented "rhinoceros nose" fast locking lever, which can lock the frame safely and quickly. No tools are needed for assembly and disassembly.


Shenzhen Tengda Safety Technology Research and development Co., LTD. Can provide a variety of aluminum alloy tower combinations to meet the needs of different heights. All scaffold components are modular standard parts, can be assembled at will, height arbitrary adjustment combination. Especially suitable for outdoor and indoor engineering overhaul, cleaning maintenance and other aerial work. The company's aluminum frame is generally suitable for (indoor and outdoor decoration, facade advertising, equipment installation, small building construction, workshop construction, etc.).

Aluminum alloy scaffold accessories:

1. Welding culture structure

The welding point is firm, neat, and the bite is uniform and full, which increases the groove depth of the brand mouth, and increases the bearing capacity of the weld without deformation or crack.

2. Self-locking buckle

The fastener on both ends of the connecting rod is designed with elastic self-locking device, which can be easily installed without tools.

3. Elastic bolt

The joints between the door frames are provided with elastic bolts that penetrate the aluminum tube holes to ensure that the upper door frames do not shake from side to side;

4. The decoupling

The platform pedal is equipped with anti-decoupling under the diagonal hook at both ends to prevent the platform from turning over due to trampling, which will lead to the safety and hidden benefit of the hook from the aluminum tube, ensuring the operation is safer.