Aluminium alloy scaffold design

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Aerial work construction equipment tools involve installing equipment to support construction activities or protect construction sites to protect workers and the public. Aluminum scaffold can be used to renovate, renovate, renovate or update or demolish existing structures. Construction equipment such as Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding may be required during the construction of these building works.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is mainly divided into:

1. Floating scaffolding: a platform suspended by more than two ropes supported from a viaduct and equipped with devices to raise and lower the platform to the required working height to provide access and working platform during construction. Suspended scaffolding is also used to inspect, renovate, and maintain tall buildings, factories, or other large structures.

2. Mobile scaffolds: portable casters, crawlers or wheeled scaffolds with or without power. Movable scaffolds are usually supported on all sides to prevent mounting parts from deforming. Mobile scaffolding can be built from various components or systems.

Standard aluminum alloy scaffold accessories:

1. Platform: An elevated platform consisting of a single plank, faux plank, or artificial deck.

Support structure: leg beams, supports, telephone poles, legs, posts, posts and frames, including prefabricated frames, which have been mechanized but not electrically operated. The support may include any similar rigid support, including connecting the well to the rear structure of the building.

2. Leg beam: A structural member of a suspended scaffold or leg scaffold that provides support by extending the scaffold's connections away from the structure or building.

3. Guardrail system: Erected barriers, including but not limited to top bars, middle bars and posts, erected to prevent falling from scaffold platforms or walkways to lower heights.

4. Sidewalk protection: Scaffolding and its supporting structures may include integral devices for sidewalk protection.