Aluminium alloy scaffold safety Operation guide

Industry I 2020-11-18, Number of views:6

 designated competent person to determine whether aluminum alloy scaffolding safety use (generally refers to the safety supervisor or project manager)

 regularly check the scaffold and the workplace (no height gap between the larger slope, uneven ground)

 ensure that all scaffolds have been covered with wood, and placed in the level of the solid base (not covered with easy step empty, the biggest gap between the pedal should not be greater than 3 cm)

 check equipment parts and welding joints for cracks

 erect barriers (also called a fence, the standard height is 1 meter, 1.2 meters can also be customized high fence)

 do not make scaffolding or any component beyond its maximum bearing (their own weight and the maximum load of 4:1)

 skid (in the case of the ground is too slippery to first lay a layer of wood, other items can also be non-slip)

 follow the specifications of the manufacturer (single and double two conventional specifications wide, 0.75 meters and 1.35 meters)

 maintain clean (especially the ladder beam and pedals on the snow, rain and other substances may contribute to fall)

 up and down from the inside (standard aluminum frame bring safety ladder and open a window with pedal, specially used for operating personnel from the inside of the climbing up and down)

 don't close to power (too close to the power source may produce an electric shock accident)

 report problems, do not use before problem solving. This is a type of aerial work equipment, usually used in construction sites, the height of the operation is often more than 3 meters, if not timely careful inspection, find problems and put forward problems, may cause death or serious injuries. Falls from working platforms are the most common cause of death and injury during the use of scaffolding

Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding safety operating guidelines put forward: the height of the operation is more than 2 meters above, must wear the relevant safety rope, helmet and non-slip shoes, and one cannot be absent.