Role of aluminium alloy scaffold caster

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Shenzhen Tengda Safety Technology Research and Development Co., LTD. Sales department is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the factory is located in Dongguan, the brand "Ladder Doctor", the company is mainly engaged in scaffolding, aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum alloy ladder, glass fiber ladder, aerial work platform sales and rental. A large number of spot, full size, affordable price. youdao


Aluminum alloy scaffold is widely used, exterior wall cleaning, fire installation, lobby repair lights, suspended ceiling, chandelier installation, installation of billboards, all kinds of exhibitions, all kinds of sales department decoration headlights, school badminton field, foreign factories need safe operation, power plant maintenance and other purposes are very wide. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, can be built in stairs, unequal ground in a variety of places, the wheel maximum retractable 35cm, light, easy to install.

Aluminum alloy scaffold is divided into quick loading scaffold, high-altitude working scaffold, insulating scaffold, furnace scaffold, special scaffold, maintenance scaffold and single wide scaffold. The aluminum frame made by new technology is fast, light and safe! Dr. Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding rental let the height become simple!

We have two different sizes of wheels with a diameter of 125mm for collapsible aluminium frames and a height adjustable of 350mm for mobile scaffolding. Suitable for any type of scaffold. All casters are specially developed in nylon and have PU coating, which is a non-wear rubber coating to ensure stability and non-slip contact with the substrate. This PU coating also makes the wheels of Dr Tee-branded scaffolding run very quietly, which is a great advantage.

All our aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding and all individual parts are manufactured in the European Union with high aluminum 6061, so can resist the influence of the wind and weather, can complete more fixed altitude work. Cantilevered aluminium frames can be built from working heights of up to 12 metres, so they can be built for tasks such as decorating facades and roofs.