Safe Operation Guide for using Aluminum Scaffolding

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Safe Operation Guide for using Aluminum Scaffolding

Designate a competent person to determine whether mobile aluminum scaffolding is safe to use (generally a safety officer or engineering manager)

Regularly check mobile aluminum scaffolding and workplaces (no slopes with large height differences, uneven ground)

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Ensure that all scaffolds are covered with planks and placed on a stable horizontal base (if not covered, it is easy to step on empty, and the maximum gap between the pedals should not be greater than 3cm)

Check whether there are cracks in the welding of equipment parts and interfaces


Erect fence (also called fence, standard height is 1 meter, 1.2 meters height fence can also be customized"

Do not make the scaffolding or any component exceed its maximum load capacity (4:1 of their own weight and maximum expected load)

Slippage (If the ground is too slippery, you need to lay a layer of wood board first, other non-slip items are also acceptable)

Follow the manufacturer's specifications (there are two conventional specifications of single width and double width aluminum mobile scaffold , namely 0.75 meters and 1.35 meters)

Maintain cleanliness (especially the snowflakes and rain on the ladder beams and treads that may cause falls)

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Up and down from the inside (the standard aluminum frame comes with a safety ladder and a window-opening pedal, which is specially used for the operator to climb up and down from the inside)

Dont get close to electricity (too close to the power source may cause electric shock accidents)

Report a problem and do not use it until the problem is solved. This is a high-altitude operating equipment, usually used on construction sites. The operating height is often more than 3 meters. If it is not carefully checked in time, problems are found and raised, it may cause death or serious injury. In the process of using scaffolding, falling from the working platform is the cause of the most casualties

Dr. Ladder Dr.Safety Aluminum Scaffolding Safety Operation Guide proposes: When the working height is greater than 2 meters, the relevant safety rope, helmet and non-slip shoes must be worn, and they are indispensable.


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