Telescopic ladder maintenance

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Telescopic ladder maintenance

Most telescopic ladders are made of an aluminum material or have an aluminum finish. These are the pros and cons of caring for your telescopic ladder.

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What to do

Use a damp cloth to wipe excess dirt off the ladder and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Sometimes the ladder can be too wet to dry with just a dry cloth. In such circumstances, use a silicone spray to dry the ladder. Spraying ensures that all hard-to-reach stair sections are sprayed and dried prior to storage.


Sometimes the ladder rungs can become rigid in a way that affects the smooth process of retracting and extending the telescopic ladder. When this happens, apply a silicone-based furniture polish to the studs.



What not to do

It is important to always resist the temptation to use your telescopic ladder as a horizontal board. This weakens both the uprights and the ladder mechanisms and compromises their stability and therefore their safety. Second, do not use the telescopic ladder as a fireman's ladder as this would mean that you would have to open it vertically downwards, but its design does not support this type of mechanism. The downward force is too much for the ladder pins.


The third thing to avoid is lubricating the steps with a WD40 lubricant as this will cause more dirt to accumulate, obstructing the raising and lowering mechanism of the telescopic ladder. Lastly, you should never leave a telescopic ladder on the street when it rains. Oxidizing agents could be present in the rainwater and corrode the telescopic ladder.


We hope that all these tips have helped you.