How to choose a mobile aluminum scaffold?

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How to choose a mobile aluminum scaffold?

One of the most versatile work tools to perform different tasks at different heights is scaffolding. Our wide range allows us to respond to the needs of all our clients, from industrial companies to public works companies, from the self-employed, unions, to public communities, from intensive use to occasional use ... And for this we have a range of options, dimensions of the work platform, heights, mobile and fixed, folding, etc. And in this area, sometimes our customers do not know which scaffold to choose.

At DR.SAFETY DR.SCAFFOLD we always advise on what type of scaffolding to choose or which one is more convenient to purchase according to the needs of each project, but to determine it, we have to take into account a series of criteria. We are the height specialists so below we are going to see what aspects influence the choice of a scaffold so that the purchase is 100% satisfactory.


What scaffold to choose?

Use of scaffolding

All our scaffolds are for professional use, they are in accordance with current regulations, we have various qualities. Generally, the acquisition of a scaffold is usually to carry out a professional project, that is why at DR.SAFETY DR.SCAFFOLD  we like to know the type of work to be done in order to better guide our clients since we have a wide range of scaffolds that adapt to all kinds of needs.

Fixed or mobile scaffolding?

One of the aspects that must be clear is whether the scaffold must be mobile or fixed. For example, if work is to be carried out for the rehabilitation of facades or the assembly of a stage, the client will undoubtedly need a scaffolding that remains static. But sometimes it is necessary for the scaffolding to be mobile to be able to move it easily and for its use to be more versatile than in the case of fixed ones. In both cases, at DR.SAFETY DR.SCAFFOLD we have different options for both fixed and mobile scaffolding and we can provide the best solution for your project.

Scaffold material

Depending on the work environment or the type of materials to be handled, it will be necessary to opt for a steel, aluminum or fiberglass scaffold. The latter are those used for work with electricity since this material isolates from possible electric shocks. They are characterized by having striking colors since in this way they are more visible in the work environment. Fiberglass scaffolds are also often used in refineries, docks, chemical industries, as they prevent sparks from rubbing against other elements and do not pollute in sanitary environments.

One of the most popular types of scaffolding is aluminum as they are light, easy to assemble, and disassemble, as well as easy to transport. Its height can be adjusted without a problem and there are all kinds of options on its dimensions. Another of the criteria that must be taken into account before choosing one or another option is whether the scaffolding is needed for interior or exterior since the material can also be decisive depending on the type of project to be carried out.


Scaffold height and weight


It is important to be clear about the maximum height at which you want to put your feet, this determines the material to be considered, complying with the rules and, taking into account that it allows you to use it for work at lower heights. On each model of scaffolding, we can offer different options to our clients according to the height and number of people who will carry out the work to be done. Our high-end aluminum mobile scaffolding offers a 10-year warranty. All scaffolds are supplied with instructions for use and assembly.

Scaffold storage and dimensions

The dimensions, we have to analyze the most appropriate, for the work to be done, if space is needed on the platform for one or more people, if the type of material we handle on the scaffold is bulky if the environment where we have to move regularly the scaffold is not very wide. If we have to transport the scaffolding, to do the work, we must consider the measures that the vehicle we have gives us.

Options including scaffolding

Each client has specific needs depending on the work to be carried out, so it is also convenient to determine what type of options can be of help for your projects. At DR.SAFETY DR.SCAFFOLD we have scaffolds in accordance with the current EN 1004 standard for mobile aluminum scaffolds that guarantee work at height as a workplace.

Buying a scaffold

If you are going to buy a scaffold, but you have doubts about what type of model is best for your professional sector or for the work you usually do, contact DR.SAFETY DR.SCAFFOLD and we can advise you on the wide range of possibilities that we offer to our clients. Being clear about the criteria that we have discussed above will help both you and us to know what type of scaffolding is best according to each project.

You can contact DR.SAFETY DR.SCAFFOLD by calling +8618565544215 or by sending an email to We will be happy to assist you in choosing your new scaffold!