Rental Aluminum Scaffolding

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Rental [Aluminum Scaffolding] [Mobile] [Tower] [Disc type], quick disassembly, suitable for various scenarios. Long-term or short-term rentals are available-more convenient transactions-super cost-effective.

Shenzhen Tengda Safety Technology R&D Co., Ltd. is a large-scale and specialized aluminum scaffolding leasing company in South China. It has the ability and strength to design and build various complex and extremely difficult aluminum scaffolding aerial work solutions for customers from all walks of life. Provide professional solutions. It is a leading manufacturer of aluminum alloy scaffolding. It is a universal European standard product. It is manufactured by non-welded cold pressing process, which is safer and more durable. The tower is 2-40 meters high and 3-25 meters across the bridge. Various special shapes Structural application, more than 40 years of industry experience, 10 years of warranty, and 30 years of warranty.

Aluminum frame rental, look for the brand of Dr. Ladder, the company specializes in the rental of aluminum alloy, plate buckle scaffolding, and has strong economic strength!


Shenzhen Tengda Safety Technology R&D Co., Ltd. is a professional leasing company for aluminum scaffolding rental. Using new technology, upgraded version of aluminum alloy scaffolding, quick to build, lightweight, safe and stable! High-speed aluminum scaffolding makes high-altitude easy!


The company's main products are: mobile aluminum scaffolding, quick-mounting aluminum scaffolding, folding aluminum scaffolding, new aluminum scaffolding, lightweight aluminum scaffolding, multi-functional aluminum scaffolding, and so on.