Dr. Ladder’s single-width and double-width mobile aluminum scaffolding

Industry I 2020-11-10, Number of views:13

Dr. Ladder’s single-width and double-width mobile aluminum scaffolding pedals are made of high-density imported Finnish wood compression panels, and the surroundings are coated with waterproof edge-sealing paint to make the pedals more durable, non-slip, and load-bearing

The two ends of the pedal are equipped with safety hooks to prevent rollover when working on the pedal

The hook surface of the pedal is overlaid with an injection molding process to increase the friction between the pedal and the aluminum frame, protect the aluminum frame, and make the operation safer

The pedal is divided into a platform plate and an open pedal (cover plate), and the cover plate lock

Non-slip wooden pedals and aluminum alloy edging, the weight of the pedals is relatively light, which is convenient for disassembly and construction of scaffolding

Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding accessories: double brake universal wheels, easy to move

Aluminum alloy screw, adjustable height 35cm

Single caster safe static load bearing 700kg


The welding points of the frame are firm and tidy, the force is even, and the frame is safe and bears a heavy load

Dr. Ladder aluminum alloy frame, pipe diameter 50.8mm, pipe wall thickness 2mm

The frame connection is equipped with bolts, which pass through the aluminum frame to reduce the shaking of the frame connection

Aluminum alloy frame with aluminum alloy base at the bottom to protect the frame from impact and deformation

Thickened aluminum alloy connecting rod, tapered patented design, easier to remove the shelf

Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding rods and diagonal rods adopt elastic self-locking buckles, which can be quickly installed and disassembled without any tools; cold-pressed non-welding process; double-color tie rods, easy to distinguish; double-reinforced rhino nose design, tie rods are resistant to compression fall.

Countless experiences tell us that the advantages of Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding are: new production standards

1. Manufacture and produce in accordance with the new EU EN1004 safety standard to ensure safe use

2. Non-welding labor-the connecting rod is processed by cold pressing and non-welding, and cold pressing is used to avoid carbonization and bubbles of hot welding