18-meter aluminum scaffolding​

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How to build 18-meter aluminum scaffolding

When the working height reaches 19.5 meters, the height of the scaffolding needs to be 18 meters. When the bottom work area is larger than 2*1.35 meters, the 4.6-meter sub-frame on both sides can maximize the safety and stability of the entire tower. Under normal circumstances, in the open air or in a relatively open use scene, if it is not a particularly large project and the amount exceeds a few tons, the construction personnel will be more inclined to aluminum scaffolding. Convenient transportation and no need for a lot of storage space are the biggest features of this type of shelf. The erection time of the 18-meter scaffolding only takes 4-5 hours to complete. The two sets of sub-frames can be installed at the same time as the main frame.


Is 18m aluminum scaffolding safe?

Safety. It adopts an aluminum frame that meets EN1004 standards and uses industry standard construction methods for installation, which has good wind resistance. The overall movement is convenient. Adjustable feet are supported when it is under 5 meters. The whole frame is heavier when it is 18 meters. It is not recommended to use 6-inch adjustable swivel casters. The height of 18 meters is about five stories high, so detailed plans and safety countermeasures are required for such high-altitude operations. When erecting, it must be far away from the power cord or electrical equipment, and the power supply must be turned off during erection and dismantling to continue the operation.

The role of 18-meter aluminum scaffolding

External scaffolding, internal scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, modular scaffolding, shopping mall scaffolding, advertising scaffolding, stage scaffolding, ship scaffolding, external wall scaffolding, construction scaffolding, construction scaffolding, decoration scaffolding and so on. The use occasion is not restricted.