What's so great about the popular engineering ladder in China?

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When have you ever seen a lot of the LADDER, you might think that the LADDER is straight LADDER, herringbone LADDER, folding LADDER, telescopic LADDER, small household LADDER that several, but, if you focus on China construction engineering safety civilization construction standards, or have visited shenzhen, shenzhen, would know a professional fence platform LADDER from Hong Kong brand -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dr. DR.LADDER LADDER, it brings a variety of LADDER products.


Dr. Ladder's safety ladder product has overturned many people's understanding of ladders. Originally, ladders can also be piled with materials, there are strict certification standards, and of course, the safety design can be seen everywhere. As early as 2015, The glass fiber fence platform ladder products have been approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Council of Hong Kong and the Labor Bureau of Macao, and have become their designated products. In 2017, at the invitation of shenzhen, shenzhen security institute and safety bureau, in shenzhen, shenzhen, the safe products in the domestic promotion, high work on 17 and 18 years, shenzhen, Dr Ladder aerial work products once appearance, ahead of the attention of many professionals at home and abroad, especially the insulating glass fiber reinforced plastic enclosures platform ladder products. In 2018, it officially became a partner of Shenzhen Safety Research Institute to actively promote high-altitude work products in China.

Safe, stable and reliable, almost became the platform ladder ladder Dr Enclosures, precise about design, materials, process, test standard, industry enjoys a fame, a unique "V" enhanced pedal, but also won the national patent, the design, make the pedal is no longer easy to bend, strength and bearing has improved, not only the pedal, the design of the ladder and got the patent. Dr Ladder ladder is good resolution, the main material is black glass fiber reinforced plastic materials and surface oxidation treatment or black color of 6061 - T6 aluminum alloy, and the use of marked orange color sticker and components, even use galvanized nails, when incoming sampling for 48 hours salt spray test, through sampling to warehousing used as production of acquisition.

As one of the high-end brand owners in the market, The quality of Dr. Ti has not only been recognized by China Railway And China Construction Engineering, but also appreciated and praised by the work safety supervision department during the exhibition. Engineering ladder best-selling brand, you deserve to own.