Garden ladder triangle ladder orchard ladder

Industry I 2020-11-03, Number of views:17

Garden ladder triangle ladder orchard ladder, this project expansion ladder is mainly applicable to park, greening, sports park mall greening, orchard, garden, urban construction greening and other different occasions. It is mainly made of aluminum alloy, and ladders are more common in decoration and construction industry. For fruit trees higher than human body, ladders are generally required for handling and picking and climbing. Tengda garden ladder is suitable for fruit tree picking management, to remove the unstable risk brought by uneven planting ground of fruit trees, and it is safe and convenient to use.


Orchard ladder ladder also called gardening ladder, gardens, orchard ladder, such as landscape management for large size in the building modelling of nursery stock, long-term lack of a green plant management have height, good stability, safe and reliable, handling portable ladders, especially more than four meters height is often borrow the crane operation, so increasing the cost of production, safety, limited space, and so on. Tengda garden ladder to solve these problems, specifically for research and development of landscape design, triangular ladder aluminum alloy gardens, products adopt aluminum alloy material, greatly reduce the product weight, increase the stability, expand the product of hardness, tensile force, stretching, much less human resources by using the practical value of the product, and increasing loved by consumers!