What is a four-tube aluminum alloy truss

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Snake truss, also known as the four-pipe truss, refers to the use of four parallel pipes after precision design and processing to form the truss components, combined with a variety of connecting members, according to the actual needs of customers to build to meet the construction of the engineering platform.

As a widely used truss in the performance industry at home and abroad. It is suitable for schools, hotels, performance companies, lighting and sound performance equipment rental companies, lighting and sound engineering companies, trade dealers, cultural institutions, wedding companies, multi-function hall, etc.

Snake rack technical parameters:

Material of bolt holder: International standard aluminum alloy model 6061-T6/6082-T6. Aluminum passed the environmental protection system certification (SGS), in line with international environmental standards, and passed the TUV safety system certification, the product is safe and reliable.

Bolt holder length: 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, etc.

Bolt holder size: 220*220/240*240/290*290/350*350/390*390/470* 470/500 *600/520*760M, etc

Connection mode: bolt connection

Character description

1. Easy and fast disassembly, bolt type installation and assembly type installation;

2. Length 1-4m.

3. Supervisor 50*3mm;

4, all the truss accessories are lathe processing, mold positioning, fine workmanship, good quality

5. 18MM thick waterproof and non-slip surface can be used. Toughened glass stage or organic glass surface can also be used.

6. Aluminum alloy 6061 -- T6.

7. Introduction of foreign connection methods: tapered pin is adopted as the connection, and solid core bolt is used to lock the truss. The direct bolt link between the truss and the truss is more stable, and the construction and disassembly are more rapid and convenient

Main Features of products

(1) High quality structure

1. The main structure of snake cradle is made of high quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy;

2. Aluminum alloy parts are made of HIGH strength and high quality 6082-T6 aluminum alloy by CNC finishing, and iron parts are made of CNC finishing surface galvanized;

(2) Fine manufacturing

1. Implement 5S scale management in the production workshop, and realize whole-process monitoring of product quality from raw materials;

2. Production line, mold forming, production by a professional and mature welding team, products beautiful and clean, no welding slag, no black spot, all welds into fish scale, uniform size;

3. All products must be corrected to ensure that the product is in a horizontal plane, no deformation, no distortion, so that the product is easy to disassemble and assemble, surface grinding, polishing treatment can also be polished water treatment, the surface primary color, beautiful atmosphere!

(3) Product quality

The product material contains high aluminum-magnesium content, does not change color, does not rust, does not blacken, the product service life is up to more than 6 years


Advantages of snake rack:

1. Safe and reliable: imported welding equipment, frame three-way link, high strength, not easy to deformation;

2. Fast assembling and disassembling: fast connection of lock, stable and safe, small size of parts, easy to install, handle and store;

3. Freedom of work: non-slip and waterproof working platform, arbitrarily built in working height;

4. Mobility: The whole tower can be moved on the ground with diversified combinations to satisfy different environments;

5, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, maintenance free, polyurethane casters on the ground without damage.