Aluminum frame, short for aluminum scaffold

Industry I 2020-11-03, Number of views:11

Aluminum frame, short for aluminum scaffold, is one of the most commonly used tools for working at height in the construction industry. Why is it that aluminum frame rentals are rising, layer by layer?


Decorate construction work in the short term, some researchers demand is not big, hours of work can be done within a few days or months, the demand is smaller storage space occupied, fleetly, mobile convenience, safe and can stand the safety department, safety personnel inspection requirements, the main is to meet the above conditions under the condition of cost savings, realizing the maximization of interests.

When the aluminum frame is rented in accordance with industry standards, the normal certificate, quality inspection report, product certificate and other relevant qualifications will be presented along with the scaffold, some of which will also be accompanied by the product's operating instructions.

After the lessor completes the use of the aluminum frame, the manufacturer shall carry out corresponding cleaning of the scaffold before the next lease and sale.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is often used in shipbuilding, construction, municipal engineering, electricity, communications, gardens, venues, airports, ports, fire advertising installation and various large industrial and mining enterprises and other places. This kind of aerial work platform is the inevitable choice to realize the standardization, safety and efficiency of the construction of aerial work!

Leasing: flexible leasing services such as daily lease, weekly lease, monthly lease and annual lease. Survey the site and provide customers with a full set of safe construction plans for aerial work.

How much a set of aluminum frame to rent, this detailed price depends on how long the lease, how high. The time and the height are not the same, the price is totally different. Prices are usually calculated in terms of height and time.