Discover all the types of aluminum ladders.

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Aluminum ladder models | Discover all the types

Aluminum ladders are an indispensable tool in many sectors such as shops, workshops, factories and any type of business. Without them it would be practically impossible to develop the work activity of professionals in the construction area. There are multiple types and models of aluminum stairs that exist, of which we, DR.LADDER, will talk to you in this article.


Aluminum ladders are preferred by most people because they are lightweight and reliable, as well as their easy maintenance. The most common in homes are folding, stepladders. However, we can also use for the extendable and telescopic ones, which are used to reach higher places and for professional purposes.


With regard to professional ladders, there is a wide variety of types and models of aluminum ladders according to the use for which they are intended.



Do you want to know which ladder model is best for your project? Take note.

1 Advantages of aluminum ladder stair models

2 Main models of aluminum stairs aluminum ladders

2.1 Telescopic aluminum step ladders

2.2 Retractable attic stairs aluminum attic ladder

2.3 Multipurpose aluminum step ladder

2.4 Extendable and foldable aluminum step ladder

2.5 Scissor aluminum ladder

2.6 Support aluminum ladders

2.7 Stairs, stools and folding platforms aluminum step ladder

2.8 Domestic aluminum step ladder

2.9 Safety risers aluminum step ladder

2.10 From warehouse

Advantages of aluminum stair models

Before introducing you to the different types of aluminum stairs, we want to tell you about the different advantages that you will find if you choose them.


The most relevant are:


They are very light if we compare them with other types of materials

They are easy to transport from one place to another

They do not rust and are fire resistant

They have non-slip shoes that make them safer

Its maintenance and installation are very simple

They are quite inexpensive if we compare them with those of other materials

Main models of aluminum stairs

Telescopic aluminum step ladder

It is a fairly versatile type of ladder, which can be used in various situations. As in floors of different heights (steps), for example.

 aluminum multifunctional ladder .png

These work in the scissor position with limit switch and lock to prevent them from closing inadvertently. Although there are others without blocking and with an extended position.


Retractable Loft Stairs

They are used to reach high places such as attics and attics, or as terraces, roofs and roofs. These ladders are retractable, generally made of galvanized steel, in addition to aluminum.


Some work manually, however, it is recommended that they be electric. One of its advantages is that they can be quickly collected and then hidden on the surface, fully integrated into it.



These models of aluminum ladder can have two or three sections and be placed vertically, as well as can be used in the form of a scissor. They generally have a special anti-unhooking system and a special opening lock, for safety reasons. Thanks to this, they are prevented from opening or lowering by themselves.


Extendable and foldable aluminum step ladder

The next type of stairs are the extendable ones. Many of these can be fully folded, so they are quite light and compact. In addition, they are easy to handle and can be stored in small spaces.


The aluminum stepladders for professional use can also be used in the extended position. As well as they can have a limit switch and lock in order to avoid an involuntary closure.


There are double-rise ladders, with a wide upper plane, especially for professionals.

 aluminum step ladder .png

Support ladders

This model of aluminum ladder is mainly used for agricultural tasks such as gathering fruit from large trees. They have a raised side and a pointed support leg, which penetrates the earth floor.


Support ladders have the advantage that it is easy to move them from one area to another, which is why they are used in jobs that require a certain mobility.


 Stairs, stools and folding platforms

The stools are stairs with few steps or even just one. Among the various models, there are double risers.


Those that have a domestic purpose can also be made of painted steel and combined with rubber or plastic, which can be on the handle, as well as on the steps.



They are manufactured especially for domestic use. For this reason they are light, so that they are easy to manipulate by anyone.


These stairs are foldable, with a tray and a guard arch. It is recommended that this measure 60 cm, for a secure support. In addition, 8 cm deep steps provide greater comfort and safety.


Safety vertical ladders

Intended to be used in buildings, terraces and swimming pools. There are different classes of this type of stairs, which vary according to the required height and the place where they are to be used.


Commonly, these are ladders fixed by work. As an option, they can have a safety hatch, as well as landings, grab arms or a protection cage.


From warehouse

Although most warehouse ladders are made from fiberglass, there are also aluminum ones.


These ladders have wheels, which brake automatically with the weight, and a parking brake, which prevents movements when no load is carried. They also have a safety railing of a height of 1 m on three sides and protections for legs and feet. In addition, they have mandatory handrails on both sides from 1 meter.


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