To make your work at height as easy and efficient, it is important to have your fiberglass ladder

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To make your work at height as easy and efficient, it is important to have your fiberglass ladder

If you are a professional, you are in the right place to buy your right ladder, as it is an essential tool for any job.


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What is a fiberglass telescopic ladder?

A fiberglass ladder is an indispensable tool for carrying out tasks at height.

Its insulators are designed for work with electricity.

Why buy a fiberglass telescopic ladder?


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·Use: This ladder is intended for professional work and where there are electrical hazards.

·Space: They are easy to store since being extensible, they can be placed in any car or at home. Although there are also those that do not extend, then you will have to carry them with a car roof rack.

·Budget: nowadays in price does not vary so much in these stairs, since they are usually cheap for all the functions that can be done.

·Style: There are 2 types, stepladder, which are like traditional ladders, and extendable ladders, which can be retracted accordion shape.


What are the advantages of a fiberglass ladder?

·The stability, since its base and its steps are quite wide for more safety.

·The weight, this ladder usually weighs more than an aluminum one since it is made of more resistant materials.

·Easy to transport, since these stairs are foldable they are very easy to carry in any trunk of a car.

·Its dimensions are not the highest they can reach, but it will surely be useful for the jobs you need.


·Resistant, Due to the fiberglass this ladder is usually quite resistant.

·Versatility, these ladders can be used for both home and professional use.

·Assembly and disassembly, it extends very easily thanks to its mechanism.

·Economic, it has a fairly cheap price compared to all the jobs that can be done.

How to clean a fiberglass telescopic ladder

To clean it, you just have to use a wet cloth, a silicone-based furniture polish and a dry cloth to avoid leaving traces of the polish.

It is advisable to clean it after being used, especially if it is stained from a product with which we work.

Do not leave it outside in the rain, as the anchors and steps can rust and that would make it difficult to use.