How much is a set of mobile scaffolding?

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How much is a set of mobile scaffolding?

How much is a set of mobile scaffolding? Actually, there are many styles and materials. The price of each type is quite different, and the functions are also different.

Most of the mobile portal scaffolding is made of steel pipe, the size is 1*0.95*1.8 meters, and the weight is 28kg; 1.7*0.95*1.8 meters, the weight is 38kg. The two wall thicknesses are 2mm thick. 1*0.95*1.8 meters, the weight is 30kg; 1.7*0.95*1.8 meters, the weight is 40kg. The wall thickness of these two types is 2.5mm. The production materials are all Q345 steel, and the price of the mobile portal scaffold with a thickness of 2.5mm is 2mm in height and wall thickness. The matching bridge is a mesh pedal. The price of a set with a height of less than 2 meters is between 100-260 yuan.


The mobile scaffold is made of aluminum alloy, and the size is divided into 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, inclined tube type, and straight type. It can be used as a light stand to carry moving headlights, computer lights, par lights, etc., to create a very shocking stage effect, or it can be matched with a canopy to make a professional shed effect. Used in indoor and outdoor event exhibition halls, clothing conferences, press conferences, stage performances, opening celebrations, school events, large-scale wedding activities.

The color is usually silver, simple, and atmospheric.

The pipe material is 25*25lM square pipe, the wall thickness is 2MM inclined pipe: 15*1.5MM round pipe. Its advantages: the screw hole is not easy to deform after the interface is strengthened; long use time, high strength; material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy; length: any length within 3 meters. The price of a 40cm long shelf analysis is less than 100 yuan.


Manufacturers of mobile scaffolding are distributed all over the country. Due to the fluctuation of material prices, the cost of scaffolding is also different. How much is it

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