Gantry frame aluminum scaffolding for the construction industry

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Gantry frame for the construction industry

Gantry is also called aluminum scaffolding, aluminum alloy precipitation frame, the construction shape is similar to the door, and the construction industry is called the gantry.

Material: National standard aluminum alloy 6061-T6

Specifications: Small aluminum frame contains 200 * 200, 250 * 250, 300 * 300 large aluminum frame contains 300 * 300, 350 * 350, 400 * 400, 450 * 450, 500 * 500,400 * 600,500 * 600,520 * 760,600 * 960 Other specifications are still customized.


Uses: build stage background board, outdoor tent, special booth construction, stage construction, various shapes, indoor and outdoor background board construction, booth row special decoration construction, promotion activities construction, stage construction, easy disassembly and assembly, free combination, small investment, Repeat, and reuse. The style is grand. With a strong visual impact, it is the first choice for exhibition special decoration construction, advertising companies, exhibition companies, wedding companies, etc. Ideal for publicity.

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1. Lightweight

The weight is half lighter than the traditional iron poplar frame, which saves more cost and energy for construction and transportation.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance and durability;

Compared with the iron analysis rack, the aluminum alloy analysis rack is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance and has a service life of more than 10 years;

3. Excellent stress resistance

Generally, the average load-bearing capacity of aluminum alloy racks can reach 50OkKg (except for small aluminum racks), which can meet the needs of large-scale audio equipment for various performances and music. Customized: The shapes can be customized according to customer requirements: round, heart-shaped, pentagonal, three-star... etc.

Another-a kind of gantry is steel scaffolding

Specification: 914*12201524*1220490*12201930*1265 1700*1220 etc.

Surface treatment: cold plating, paint, powder spraying, etc.

Corresponding accessories of the mast: crossbar, vertical bar, diagonal bar, adjustable upper and lower brackets, scaffold board, pedal, ladder, connecting pin, caster

A complete set of specifications: 1930MM (height) × 1219MM (width) × 185OMM (length) 9OOMM (height) × 1219MM (width) X185OMM (length) Surface treatment: the shelf and bridge board are treated with foam paint, and the tie rods and connecting pins are galvanized deal with

Welding process: carbon dioxide-shielded welding process complete set includes: 2 pieces of racks + 2 sets of tie rods + 1 bridge board + 4 joints

Uses: construction materials for small high-rise houses, decoration of exterior walls, building internal frames, etc.