11 points scaffolding use precautions

Industry I 2020-10-22, Number of views:20

  1. There must be a perfect construction plan, and it must be approved by the technical leader of the enterprise.--scaffolg

2. There must be perfect safety protection measures. Safety net, protective railing and foot guard shall be set according to regulations.

3, the operator up and down the shelf, there should be a guarantee of safety escalator, ladder, ramp.

4, must have a good electrical, lightning protection device, steel scaffolding should be reliable grounding, higher than the surrounding building scaffolding should be equipped with lightning protection device.

5. The sweeping pole, wall connecting piece and scissors support must be set according to the regulations to ensure the frame is firm.

6. The foot and hand board shall be fully spread and firmly spread, and the probe board shall not be left. 3 supporting points shall be ensured, and the binding shall be firm.

7, in the process of scaffolding erection and use, must be inspected at any time, often remove the garbage on the frame, pay attention to control the load on the frame, prohibit the frame piled up too much material and many people crowded work.

8. After the resumption of work and the weather of wind, rain and snow, the scaffolding shall be inspected in detail, and the cases such as vertical rod subsidence, suspension, looseness of joints, and shelf skew shall be dealt with in time.

9. In case of strong wind, heavy fog or heavy rain of class 6 or above, the operation on the shelf should be suspended, and anti-skid measures should be taken after sleet.

10. The scaffold shall be inspected and accepted after completion of erection. Only after passing the inspection and acceptance can the scaffold be used.

11. When multiple floors are operated on scaffolding at the same time, reliable protective sheds shall be set between each working layer to prevent falling objects from upper layer and workers from lower layer.