How high should the scaffolding be erected?

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How high should the scaffolding be erected?


Scaffolding erection height limit of 2113

(1) Double poles are used for 5261 below the elevated height of 20m and some 1653 unloading measures are used for the elevated height above 30m.

(2) All section unloading measures shall be adopted for the height above 50m.

(3) Use picking, hanging, hanging type or additional lifting scaffolding.

(4) For single and double-row scaffolds with a height of less than 24m, a pair of scissor supports must be installed on the outer facades of each other, and they should be arranged continuously from bottom to top; the clear offset between the middle scaffolds is greater than 15m

I personally think that 2113 should not have this provision. There are only these words in the 5261 clause in jgj130-2001:

For 4102 over 50 meters, unloading, double 1653 poles and other methods should be used. Double poles must be used for more than 24m. This is not necessary. Of course, it depends on local regulations.

Zhejiang Province should also be set according to the national standard in this respect.


In addition, according to the latest regulations for dangerous projects, the floor stand with a height of more than 50m and the cantilever stand with a height of more than 24m require expert demonstration.

Specifications: 5.3.8 For scaffolds with a height of more than 50m, effective measures such as double-pipe vertical poles, segmented cantilevering or segmented unloading can be adopted, and they must be specially designed.


5.3.7 Basis for stipulating that the height of scaffold should not exceed 50m:

(1) According to decades of domestic practical experience and investigations on domestic scaffolding, single-tube floor scaffolding is generally less than 50m. When the required erection height is greater than 50m, strengthening measures are generally adopted cautiously, such as the use of double-pipe vertical poles, sectional unloading, and sectional erection. In China, many reliable and effective methods and experiences have been accumulated in the section erection and section unloading of scaffolding.

(2) Consider from the economic aspect. When the erection height exceeds 50m, the turnover rate of steel pipes and fasteners will decrease, and the foundation treatment costs of scaffolding will also increase.

(3) Refer to foreign experience. The United States, Japan, Germany, etc. also restrict the erection height of floor scaffolding: for example, the United States is 50m, Germany is 60m, and Japan is 45m.