What is the difference between aluminum ladder and fiberglass ladder?

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What is the difference between aluminum step ladder and fiberglass step ladder?

On June 26, 2015, TVBS NEWS broadcast a piece of news. The content of this news is that a cable TV worker was electrocuted while repairing the line and died by hanging an aluminum ladder. In this news, it is understood that the accident was caused by accidental electric shock and no application for construction, which is a pity.


Here I want to explain the difference between aluminum  platform step ladder and fiberglass platform step ladder:


Aluminum platform step ladder, that is to say is a kind of metal, composed of aluminum material and some alloys. In order to increase the strength of aluminum material, special treatment will be done during the manufacturing process to make the strength and hardness of aluminum material meet the safety requirements. It is different from ordinary aluminum windows and aluminum materials; however, even if it is a kind of metal, it is of course conductive. This is a problem that the general public is less aware of.


The fiberglass platform step ladder, literally read, is glass + fiber, but most people think that the glass fiber material should be lighter than aluminum, but the fact is not. The glass fiber material is made of glass fiber blankets and glass fiber threads with different structures. Staggered and combined together, of course, there is no metal material inside, which is why the glass fiber material can be non-conductive.


However, the strength, hardness, toughness, and stability of the two are almost the same. Because the glass fiber horse chair ladder/ladder is made of special materials and has the function of non-conductivity, the general public believes that it is not necessary to use such safety High-performance products, so aluminum ladders are the main first choice.



But in fact, it is not an exaggeration to say this. After all, the manufacturing process of fiberglass material is more complicated and costly, and the price is not acceptable to ordinary consumers, but if it is related to working for a long time in repairing electrical products For the industry and constructors, the horse chair ladder/pull ladder/single ladder made of glass fiber materials are all important choices to ensure personal safety.


 Aluminum ladders are lightweight, convenient and affordable, and are indeed loved by the Chinese people. However, for the special needs of different industries, choosing the right material for ladders can not only ensure personal safety, but also improve efficiency and services. This is why DR.LADDER the company needs to understand the reasons for customer needs and use environment in detail because providing a correct and safe product is also part of our professional services.