For people’s safety, starting from DR.LADDER

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For people’s safety, starting from DR.LADDER

With the continuous progress and development of society, in the construction of the market economy today, the fact of safety work has become more and more important. Therefore, most of these enterprises and institutions have realized the reality of safe production. Various transportation safety education and training have been launched. It is understood that in all safety accidents, the unsafe state of construction equipment is the primary cause of the accident. Therefore, the safety performance of construction equipment determines the efficiency of safety production management from the source and fundamentally. However, looking at the overall environment of safe production, a little carelessness in the selection of production tools may cause hidden dangers to safe production.



The production of insulating safety ladders mainly takes into account that many industries have to face high-voltage electricity when working at heights. General metal ladders greatly increase the probability of electric shock accidents. Dr. Ladder’s glass fiber reinforced plastic insulated ladders can withstand voltage up to 35 kV, the maximum It is possible to avoid accidental electric shock accidents.


The production of insulated safety ladders is based on the development concept of advancing with the times and foresight, and Dr. Ladder is based on thorough consideration and careful design of safety requirements.


In recent years, with the rise of high-risk industries such as electric power and communications that need to face high-voltage electricity, safety ladders have increasingly higher requirements for their insulation functions. The domestic sales of Dr. Ladder also show the safety awareness of domestic enterprises. Enhancement and the ubiquitous deepening of the "people-oriented" concept.


The mobile platform ladder refers to a portable steel ladder that has a fixed length and cannot be independently supported. It is composed of ladder beams and pedals. It is composed of two aluminum alloy single ladders connected by a chain. After the bottom end is unfolded, it can independently support the aluminum alloy ladder. It is composed of ladder beams, pedals, struts, chains, and ladder feet.


The two sections of aluminum alloy stretch ladders for mobile platform ladders are connected by a locking device and are combined with two aluminum alloy single ladders that can be raised and lowered, but they cannot be independently supported. It is composed of ladder beams, pedals, ladder feet, locking devices, pulleys, ropes, top section ladders, bottom section ladders, and other components.

The ladder storage unit is responsible for the daily maintenance of the mobile ladder and is responsible for the quarterly inspection and labeling of the mobile ladder. Ladder users are responsible for checking the integrity of the ladder before using the mobile ladder, and the ladder should have a qualified label. The HSE department is responsible for the supervision of the on-site mobile ladder.