All steel ladder with handrail

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1. Specification: L1500*W600*H2000mm 700mm Material: pedal with 1.5mm thick thread plate, round pipe 32mm*1.5mm thick, frame with 40*40*1.5mm square pipe, 4-inch casters, two fixed and two live brake, bearing 500Kg 2. Ladder (car): high strength square pipe, Angle iron, steel pipe as the frame, anti-slip pattern steel plate as the step manufacturing. 3. It can be used as a carrying tool for material handling and turnover, as well as an auxiliary working tool for ascending and retrieving goods. It is safe and reliable, simple in structure, convenient and fast. Especially suitable for manual picking of small and light materials in factories, warehouses, books, standard parts and other environments.

Stainless steel climbing ladder description: 201# stainless steel climbing ladder, 304# stainless steel climbing ladder, mobile stainless steel climbing ladder, step-type stainless steel climbing ladder, fixed stainless steel climbing ladder

[Name of stainless steel ladder] Stainless steel climbing car, stainless steel step ladder, stainless steel cargo ladder, stainless steel picking ladder, stainless steel feeding ladder, stainless steel moving ladder, stainless steel cargo ladder;

The distance from the platform to the ground is 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m and 2.5m, which can be customized according to requirements;

[Stainless steel ladder material] Ordinary 201# stainless steel, high quality 304# stainless steel;

Stainless steel elevator is widely used in docks and ports, airports, stations, workshops, property management, cleaning, substation, substation, buildings, fire fighting, communications, hotels, theaters, electromechanical installation, ship supporting, climbing operations, supermarket warehouses, shopping malls...

[Precautions for customized stainless steel ladder]

1. The size of the passage on site can ensure that the ladder can enter and exit easily;

2, the machine, lathe, shelves and other site access to goods, transport goods, material turnover of the height, according to the height, determine the height of the ladder;

3, according to the site environment, choose the ladder material, commonly used ladder material is: steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy