Aluminum alloy scaffold used for subway maintenance

Industry I 2020-10-13, Number of views:25

To strengthen tall mold, aluminum alloy scaffolding engineering controls, deployment of our city (shenzhen) construction safety regulation and the forward construction engineering quality and safety supervision station of shenzhen on enhancing adhesive lifting scaffolding safety management notice "(deep build quality, and the Ann [2019] no. 49) requirements, such as scaffolding, high die trying to punish serious, need to focus on the implementation of the following measures:

1. The system of "operation order" for installation, disassembly and lifting of attached lifting scaffold shall be strictly implemented, and descending operation shall be strictly prohibited;

2. The setting of steel pipe scaffold connecting rod shall meet the standard requirements, and it is strictly prohibited to dismantle the connecting rod at will;

3. During the typhoon, in strict accordance with the typhoon temporary reinforcement measures of scaffolding outside the wall, the top outside the frame should be connected to the main structure, cannot be connected to the main structure, should do will be the formwork scaffolding and temporary reinforcement or shall adopt other measures for strengthening, is located in the top row over even the wall units all safety net should be torn down;

4. The construction scheme of the tall supporting formwork shall be compiled and reviewed according to the relevant regulations, and the construction scheme shall be constructed according to the scheme, and the concrete shall be checked and accepted before pouring.


In consideration of the construction period, quality and safety requirements, the following points should be fully considered in the selection of the project:

1. Scaffolding shall be set up on the station hall floor, lobby floor, equipment floor and platform floor in the subway project with a height of 7 meters;

2. Purpose of setting up foot scaffolds: it is used for the activity working platform of electromechanical installation and other decoration works;

3. The structural design of the frame body strives to achieve safe and reliable structure and reasonable cost;

4. Under the specified conditions and within the specified service life, it can fully meet the expected safety and durability and facilitate the construction;

5. When selecting materials, strive to achieve common, reusable, easy maintenance;

6. In the selection of structure, strive to make the force clear, structural measures in place, easy to build and dismantle, easy to check and accept;

7. Based on the above points, the erection of scaffolding must meet the requirements of JCJ59-2011 inspection standards;

8. Based on the above principles of scaffold design and the actual situation of this project, and the previous construction experience, tengda aluminum alloy mobile scaffold is decided to be adopted.