Detail the structure of the coil scaffold

Industry I 2020-10-13, Number of views:26

Speaking of the construction of the coiled scaffolding. We can understand its specific structure from the construction sequence, according to the construction sequence of disc buckle scaffold mainly by: adjustable base, starting rod (only connecting rod system has), vertical rod (connecting rod, sleeve two kinds of connection forms), horizontal rod, oblique pull rod, step ladder, hook springboard, skirting board, tripod, adjustable pedestal, etc. Let's take a look at the main components of the material specifications and use.

1. Vertical rod: medium 48 (60) x3.25mm steel tube made of Q345 material is usually used. One disk is welded for every 0.5m. The surface is treated by hot dip galvanizing process. The connection mode of the vertical rod is divided into: interpolation connecting rod (end distance 100+400) and outer sleeve type (end distance 250+250).

Vertical bars mainly bear vertical loads. Common dimensions: 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m. 2m.

2. Crossbar: usually a 48x3.0mm steel pipe made of Q235 material is used, the crossbar head is welded at both ends, and the crossbar head is equipped with bolts. During assembly, the bolts are stuck in the holes of the disk. Common size in China: 0.6m. 0.9m. 1.2m. 1.5m. 1.8m. Bar head accessories (made of cast steel) : bolt accessories (made of Q235).

Note: The length of the bar refers to the distance between the vertical bar and the center line of the bar.

3. Oblique pull rod: the 42X2.75mm steel pipe made of Q195 is usually used. The two ends of the steel pipe are equipped with the oblique pull head. Diagonal tie bars are mainly used to stabilize the frame. H step distance (height), L longitudinal distance (span). Common dimensions: H2000L900/1500/1800 (external frame), H1500/600/900/1200/1500 (internal support) bevel head accessories (made of steel castings).

Note: The span of the diagonal tie rod refers to the distance between the vertical rod and the center line of the vertical rod.

4. Starting rod (also known as base and used in conjunction with the vertical rod insert connection rod) : Q345048x3.25mm (60x3.25mm) steel tube and 57x4.0mm (70x4.0mm) sleeve in Q345 are welded together. The steel tube is only 200mm long. A short sleeve is welded on the steel tube and a disk is welded in the middle. The surface of the rod is processed by hot dip galvanizing process. The starting rod of disc-type scaffold is mainly used to transfer vertical load and control the height of sweeping rod.

5. Hook diving board: the panel is punched with Q195 galvanized strip, and the hooks with self-locking strip are welded at both ends. Weld hooks with self-locking pieces at both ends. Mainly used as pedestrian passageway, it can also play the role of stabilizing the frame, with strong bearing capacity and anti-skid drainage.