Reveal the scaffolding manufacturer and manufacturing process

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Scaffold is in the engineering construction industry in the upper air construction equipment, said popular point is which, through the pipe connection structures, set of shelves, and before making the main material is bamboo, but bearing and safety performance is poor, in planning and market demands for security today, more and more high, aluminum and steel pipe material has gradually replaced the bamboo material, it is a big leap in the quality of the scaffolding industry.

Nowadays, scaffolding manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Hebei, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other areas, produced more than 80% of the total, style template has aluminum alloy, disc buckle type, wheel buckle type, door type, bowl buckle type, fasteners several types. Can be built tower type, ladder type, gantry frame type, cantilever type, floating type. According to the width can be divided into single width and double width two kinds. If the materials can be divided into aluminum alloy, steel tube, iron, wood, bamboo and other materials, the current enterprises generally adopt aluminum alloy or steel tube as the main materials and professional design, the above types of equipment can be installed in any site, indoor, outdoor, high altitude, grass and other places are not limited by the workspace. In addition to the choice of good materials, the overall structure, crossbar, vertical bar, sweeping bar, accessories should be scientific design, effective support mode, qualified load, quality can be guaranteed.


Aluminum scaffolding manufacturers common production equipment includes:

The aluminum cutting machine can automatically transfer aluminum to the aluminum tube, output the remaining tailings after accurate cutting, and automatic circulation.

In the punch press, the cut aluminum material is extruded and shaped with the new cold working process of expanding inside and pressing outside, and the semi-finished products are formed initially. Horizontal pull tube, stay tube, D type spring buckle is completed in this step.

Lathe, as a cutting tool, is one of the surface treatment procedures for the technical means of secondary treatment of the side Angle of the pull pipe, mounting threads, drilling, and the modification of the rough and sharp appearance. The adjustable helix is completed on this machine.

Aluminum welding machine, the semi-finished aluminum tube for welding, to achieve high strength, tension and other characteristics. This machine can complete three horizontal aluminum frame, four horizontal aluminum frame, fence, pedal shape, caster, foot brace, diagonal brace, diagonal ladder. There is a 40mm difference in length between three and four horizontal frames.

1, in the production of scaffolding, the required aluminum alloy profiles should be through QC sampling inspection on its, to ensure that the hardness of the standard and the use of the correct profile.

2. Aluminum cutting: The operator will put the aluminum on the automatic cutting machine for precise cutting. The first piece can be produced after being confirmed by QC

3. Punch processing: use different tonnage punch to fly, punch, rivet and press the profile after cutting. After finishing the process, deburr and chamfer the profile;

4. Lathe processing: chamfered the connecting bolt part of the aluminum frame to make it more smooth in the process of use;

5. Aluminum welding processing: the processed profiles shall be inspected. Experienced aluminum welding staff shall use high-purity argon arc welding to ensure the tidiness and strength of welding passes.

6. Pack and put into storage after ensuring that there is no error in the size.

All processes are supervised by QC

After the above procedures, the whole has been completed, the whole has no parts, can be assembled into various forms. The height of aluminum alloy scaffold can be built up to 48m, the diagonal brace plays a key role in the stability of the whole tower, the length ratio is 3:1, the specifications are not the same, so the manufacturer needs to make different heights. The bearing capacity is 1000kg, and the aluminum material is T6-6061 section, which ensures the bearing capacity without adding additional overall weight. Aluminum scaffold is adjustable roller, new connector, with brake function to prevent sliding during use.

Different widths, different models and different structures can be customized within the scaffold plant. The load bearing and stability of the finished product must be re-measured to ensure the safety of working at height (2m and above). After all, safety is not trivial. Shenzhen, Hebei, Tangshan, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and other places have a strict recommendation of the scaffold brand, to meet the European and American, domestic standards, in addition to meet the standards of each organization, but also to meet the needs of users.