Matters needing attention in the construction of coiled scaffold

Industry I 2020-10-13, Number of views:23

Construction plan-scaffold: 1. Special construction plan shall be prepared for frame and frame construction, and calculation shall be conducted for structural planning; 2. The special construction plan shall be reviewed and approved in accordance with the rules. 1. The vertical rod root bottom shall be flat and tamped according to the plan, and drainage measures shall be adopted; 2. It is necessary to set a backing plate and an adjustable base at the bottom of the pole on the soil foundation, which should meet the standard requirements; 3. The vertical and horizontal sweeping poles of the frame shall meet the standard requirements. 1. The pulling joint between the frame and the building structure should meet the standard requirements, and the wall connecting parts should be set from the horizontal bar at the bottom of the frame, and other solid measures should be adopted for fixing when it is difficult to set there; 2. Frame pull joints should be firm and firm; 3. Rigid bar should be used for connecting wall parts; 4. The vertical diagonal bar and scissors support of the frame should be set in accordance with the standard requirements; 5. The two ends of the vertical diagonal bar should be fixed at the hinge point of the vertical and horizontal horizontal bars and vertical bars; 6. The inclined pole and scissors support of the scaffold shall be set continuously along the height of the scaffold, and the viewpoints shall conform to the standard requirements.-youdao 


As a new type of bridge subway formwork support frame body, now more and more by the China iron system and China Construction system recognized, as the price is twice the bowl buckle scaffold scaffold, how about the buckle scaffold accessories, advantage one: functional complete, wide application. Button scaffolding is adopting the 500 mm plate distance, match the stud rail and diagonal and tripod can build into the bridge with different span and different section is supported, stage, lighting tower, bridge pier safety ladder, button scaffolding can build into different shapes of different function template support, meet the demand of various types of building. Advantage 2: safety is good. Reeled scaffold is a complete system, foot hand board and step ladder can play a role in ensuring the stability of the frame and worker safety, so compared to other laid scaffolding, reeled scaffold hook pedal makes the safety of the shelf to improve a height. Each cell is lattice secure. Advantage 3: service life is long. The surface treatment of galvanized steel tube extends the life of steel tube to 15-20 years. Advantage 4: space sex is big. The low alloy structural steel Q345b is adopted for the scaffold pole, which improves the bearing capacity and thus expands the construction space for workers and the acceptance space for supervision.