The role of the retainer scaffold

Industry I 2020-10-13, Number of views:23

As a general term in the field of architecture, disc-braced scaffold refers to all kinds of supports set up on the construction site for workers to operate and deal with vertical and level transportation. It refers to the center which is used on the construction site for external walls, internal decoration or the height is too high to be directly constructed. Mainly for the construction personnel up and down lessons or peripheral safety net enclosure and the height of the installation of components, to say simply is to build a frame, the scaffold manufacturing materials: bamboo, wood, steel pipe or synthetic materials. Some projects also use tray buckle scaffold as a template, in addition, in advertising, municipal, traffic Bridges, mines and other departments are also widely used. Preparatory work before cancellation. Check whether the fastener and tail of the scaffold, even the wall, support system and so on can fit the safety notice. According to the inspection effect, make up and perfect the cancellation order in the construction organization design, which can be implemented with the approval of the competent department. All the jointing parts shall be removed layer by layer with the foot. It is strictly prohibited to dismantle the whole or several layers of jointing parts before removing the scaffold; Section revocation height difference should not be more than 2 steps, should be added wall piece reinforcement.


Mentioned button scaffold, everyone knows it is a scaffold to upgrade products, has a lot of traditional scaffolding incomparable advantages, many contractors for projects need purchasing scaffolding, they tend to be concerned about the price of the product, quality and delivery problems, but there are some customers will focus on button scaffolding accessories, the dish of fastener scaffold building efficiency? As we all know, steel pipe fasteners scaffold is a traditional scaffold, and the construction is quite tedious and time-consuming. It is understood that the common steel pipe fasteners single worker's erection speed is only 35m/day, but the erection speed of straight-insert scaffold single worker can reach 150m/day. That is to say, it takes more than 4 days to build 150m with steel pipe couplers scaffold, while 150m with straight-insert scaffold can be completed only. It can be seen that steel pipe couplers scaffold is more labor-consuming and labor cost is much higher than that of straight-insert scaffold. So, socket type disc buckle scaffold is more time - and labor-saving and cost - saving than traditional scaffold.