Portable aluminum alloy scaffold

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Mobile aluminum alloy frame is refers to the aluminum alloy scaffold in the second layer above the outside of the construction of a working platform to facilitate aerial work.


Mobile aluminum scaffold as a multi-purpose design concept, can easily handle any complex work environment. It is characterized by high flexibility and can be used in altitude operation in different terrain environments. It can not only be combined into mobile towers, but also can be constructed into various combinations of hanging ladles, scaffolders, Bridges, curved frames and stands and stages according to construction needs.

Features: solid structure, safe and reliable easy to handle and put, light and fast installation and disassembly, high effect, in line with environmental requirements.

Advantages of ladder type aluminum alloy scaffold

1) Easy to load, unload and build, in addition to a single set of independent use, can also form a large structure for escalators, stairs, site sites, etc

2) Aluminum alloy material is both light and more durable

3) Vertical ladder configuration can increase the working space and reduce the construction time

4) The platform can be built at different heights of the aluminum frame according to needs

5) With a variety of accessories to meet different engineering needs

Other USES of aluminum alloy scaffolding for stairs:

(1) It is used for supporting the roof inside the formwork of buildings, halls, halls, Bridges, viaducts, tunnels, supermarkets, halls and sheds, or for supporting the main frame of aircraft formwork

(2) to be scaffolds for internal and external rows of high-rise buildings.

(3) active working platforms used for electromechanical installation, hull repair and other decoration works.

(4) The use of scaffolding with a simple roof frame, it can constitute a temporary site dormitory, warehouse or shed.

(5) For the erection of temporary viewing stands and stands.

Applicable Scope:

High-altitude simple overhaul, maintenance and cleaning in the fields of electric power, aerospace, road and bridge, municipal administration, construction, film and television, port, military industry, petrochemical, campus and other fields, as well as complex large-scale construction projects, such as subway, tunnel, bridge, building renovation, etc.