The role of large building scaffolding in engineering

Industry I 2020-10-13, Number of views:16

As for aluminum alloy scaffolding construction industry use range is more and more big, the countries of large construction scaffolding for a series of regulations, formulate the corresponding safety standards, but is beginning to carry out, on the market a lot of old steel pipe scaffold has already been eliminated, the safety of the scaffold can not only protect the personal safety of workers, also can reduce the unit loss.-youdao


In the process of aerial work on the construction site attached to the building construction and scaffolding is called construction scaffolding, there are mainly aluminum alloy and disc buckle type two.

Architectural aluminum alloy scaffolding because of its strong stability, no rust, light weight, convenient installation, no small parts and get the favour of construction unit, according to the using range of different choice of different aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum alloy sheet width of scaffolding, building construction can be used to narrow scope, double scaffold is suitable for wide in construction and industrial use, scaffolding can provide straight ladder, choice of oblique ladder or by ladder; The vertical ladder structure can provide the maximum working space and reduce the construction time. The scaffold working platform can be set at any level of the tower with a height of 43cm per level. Exquisite combination design has more flexibility, improve the utilization ratio; Easy and fast installation, aluminum alloy scaffolding double width 45 degrees ladder work with wide frame use; Easy to carry tools and materials up and down; Aluminum scaffold is equipped with handrails, platforms, self-locking, safe and stable; With 5, 7, 8 ladder with the height can be used flexibly; Light and strong structure, easy to build; Aluminum alloy scaffold working bridge frame: bridge with handrails, door frame to adapt to different environmental needs.

A large construction project refers to an engineering project of huge investment scale. The so-called engineering project refers to the general implementation according to the design document, unified economic accounting, independent administrative organization and implementation of unified management, after the completion of the project can play the role required by the design document. According to the working condition, also can choose aluminum alloy disc clasp type scaffold.

Aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold to Hong Kong Ocean Park exterior wall decoration engineering, for example, in the irregular outside wall structures, traditional steel pipe scaffold is not feasible, and adopt the aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold, is that it can be according to the requirements of the concrete construction, form different group size, shape and bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, columns and other functions of construction equipment. An important point is that the aluminum alloy tray buckle scaffold is lighter than the steel tube tray buckle scaffold of the same specification, reducing the difficulty of building and disassembly, while the overall load is higher.

Large scaffold will use aluminum alloy tray buckle scaffold, service life is much higher than the fastener scaffold, generally can be used for more than 10 years, due to the abandonment of bolt connection. The component is resistant to impact. Even if rust does not affect the use of piecing. Less maintenance, quick loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage.