Notes for scaffold leasing

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Scaffolding lease means that within the agreed period, the lessor will transfer the right to use the assets to the lessee in order to obtain rent. The main reasons for the existence of leasing are as follows: tax saving; Reduce transaction costs; Reduce uncertainty.

Why are most of the units used for leasing coil and aluminum scaffold? What are the characteristics and advantages of disc - clasping?-youdao


The disc clasp type has the unique bidirectional type self-locking ability, compares from the efficiency and the price, compares the door type or the wheel buckle type scaffold to have the superiority.

First of all to understand clearly what characteristics of the scaffolding and other scaffolding differences.


The link plate of the scaffold bar and the pole has the locking function, mainly depends on the design structure to realize and ensure, reduces the traditional scaffold relies on the artificial locking shortcoming, causes the personnel this unstable factor to reduce to the maximum extent.

At the same node, the locking mode of multiple crossbar and the same vertical bar is changed from the traditional interlocking mode to the single independent self-locking mode. Traditional scaffolds are on the same node. When the lock of one bar is released, the lock of the other bar and the vertical bar is also broken.


Adjustable supporting members are inserted at the top of the vertical rod, and adjustable base members are inserted at the bottom. The vertical rod is connected with cannula or cannula, and the horizontal rod and the diagonal rod are connected with connecting plates and wedge-shaped bolts, forming a steel tube support of geometrically invariant system.

The specifications of the disk-buckle scaffold for rent: there are two types of 60 series and 48 series, in which the vertical rod length is divided into 0.3m, 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m. The length of the crossbar is 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.8m, and the thickness of the pipe wall is 2.75mm, 3mm and 3.2mm.

From the above observation, the advantages of high efficiency and few accessories, but the price is relatively expensive, if it is a one-time project, most prefer to rent. Long-term have bigger project, do project of a few times can return this, and the country begins to prohibit old scaffold, if coupler type scaffold is used at big project.

Lease aluminum alloy scaffolding, this is more commonly used, such as mall decoration, advertising installation, the other side is only a one-time use, usually rent scaffolding use for a month, can save costs.

What should I pay attention to when scaffolding is rented?

First of all, you need to choose a professional company with good service. The one-stop service includes free delivery, customized construction plan, and technical guidance for installation.

Carefully check the quality of the whole support, whether there are cracks in the pipe wall, whether the welding place is firm, whether the rust place is safe, whether the parts are complete; Scaffolding shall be installed in strict accordance with the construction specifications. The height of more than 8 meters must be installed with protective nets to ensure the safety of operators and prevent the occurrence of high-altitude falls.

For adjacent work, the building shall be equipped with wall connecting pieces when there is no surrounding facilities or when the height of surrounding facilities is less than 80cm. Regardless of the height of the stand, the pedals should be fully covered, and the skirting board should be set to effectively prevent the foot from falling and the tool from falling.

Calculate the usage time. Coil rack in the construction of skilled workers can reach 30 meters a day, greatly shorten the construction period and save labor costs, from the economic benefits of scaffolding rental is an affordable way.

Secondly, during the lease period, the lessee shall properly keep the leased materials and bear the maintenance costs. When the leased materials are returned, both parties shall check and accept the leased materials. In case of any damage, shortage or poor maintenance, the lessee shall pay compensation, repair and maintenance fees to the leaser according to the Measures for Compensation and Maintenance Fees for The Defects of leased Materials negotiated and agreed by both parties.

The leaser: if it fails to provide the leased materials according to the time, quality or quantity, it shall pay the lessee a penalty equal to % of the rent during the period of breach of contract

The lessee: if the lessee fails to pay the rent on time and fails to return the leased, sublet or sell off the leased materials or mortgage upon expiration of the time limit, it shall pay the leaser the liquidated damages and compensation equal to % of the rent during the default period.

Scaffold applicability is very wide, such as engineering construction, hydroelectric power, bridge building, subway airport and so on, as a professional aerial work equipment, scaffold lease not only to see the quality of products, but also pay attention to installation and construction, technical support, and finally pay attention to the lease with the same terms.