What conditions does a good aluminum scaffold brand need to have?

Industry I 2020-10-13, Number of views:13

Good quality is the first prerequisite, scaffolding is mainly used in the construction of facilities in the process of aerial work equipment, high quality, good safety performance, climbing barrier-free and stable. Secondly, it can provide a large number of construction schemes. The reason why it is a good brand is the long-term and stable cooperation of large companies, such as China Railway, Wanda and other large enterprises. Third, the product after-sales service is worry-free.


Shenzhen Tengda scaffold is made of casters imported from Germany, which are not only anti-skid and super wear-resistant, but also have strong compressive bearing capacity, up to 1000kg. The polyester fiber material, can reduce the movement loss, rainy weather can also be firmly fixed to the ground.

First of all, a good aluminum alloy scaffold to be light and strong easy to dismantle, these are the most basic requirements of fast installation type scaffold, but also the most critical detection standards, but some bad businesses only for profit, shoddy products, resulting in frequent safety accidents. The choice aluminum alloy scaffold should choose the regular and has the relevant background qualification the manufacturer, may guarantee the work efficiency enhancement, may guarantee the operation personnel's life safety.

Dr. Tengda shenzhen, with many years of engineering experience, products in line with THE United States ANSI, the justice bank SGS certification, in line with European and American EN, Australia AS quality testing standards, is a company specializing in construction equipment. The product not only has the specialized research and development sale place in The Shenzhen area, Guangzhou, Hong Kong has its to be engaged in the design production and the sale department. The company has profound qualifications and is the designated supplier of Hong Kong Occupational Safety Bureau and Macao Labour Bureau. In the safety and civilized construction standard of Shenzhen construction project, Tengda aluminum alloy scaffold is honored among them, and its products are widely favored by safety supervision and other departments, which is the best choice of engineering operators.

If we bear no shoddy, all products are carefully made and become, wall thickness not less than 2 mm, and made some undesirable businessman scaffolding wall thickness is only 1.5 1.7 or so, wall thickness directly influences the stress of the aluminum alloy scaffolding and strong, like a bridge, fewer parts, quality must be different, may at any time there is a risk of bending down.

Shenzhen Tengda ladder brand aluminum alloy scaffolding has a perfect after-sales service, 24 hours for you to solve the problem, professional engineers for free customized perfect construction plan for you, so that you have no worries. Products bought home, is to buy a lifetime of safe work security. Now more rental services, with the most affordable prices, use safe and secure in accordance with the shenzhen construction standards of products. Shenzhen Tengda, safe up and down, safe home, is the best partner when you work at high altitude.