Why is so special about the popular engineering ladder in Shenzhen?

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Why is so special about the popular engineering ladder in Shenzhen?

After you have seen many ladders, you may think that ladders are nothing more than straight ladders, herringbone ladders, folding ladders, telescopic ladders, small household ladders, but if you have paid attention to the safety and civilized construction standards of Shenzhen construction projects, Or if you have visited the Shenzhen High-tech Fair in the past two years, you will know a professional fenced platform ladder brand from Hong Kong, DR.LADDER, which brings a variety of safety ladder products.


The safety ladder products brought by Dr. Ladder have subverted many people's understanding of ladders. It turns out that ladders can also stack materials, and there are strict certification standards. Of course, the safety design that can be seen everywhere is indispensable. As early as 2015, Dr.Ladder’s glass fiber fence platform ladder product has been recognized by the Xiangqian Occupational Safety and Health Bureau and the Macao Labor Affairs Bureau, and has become its designated product; in 2017, the Shenzhen Institute of Safety and the Shenzhen Bureau of Work Safety Invited to participate in the Shenzhen High-tech Fair to promote safe high-altitude operation products in China. At the 17th and 18th High-Tech Fairs, once Dr.Ladder’s aerial work products were unveiled, they ushered in the attention of many exclusive people, especially Insulating FRP fence platform ladder products. In 2018, it formally became a partner with Shenzhen Safety Research Institute, and actively promoted high-altitude operation products in Shenzhen.


Safe, stable and reliable, it has almost become the label of Dr. Ladder fence platform ladder. It treats design, materials, craftsmanship and test standards strictly, and enjoys a reputation in the industry. Its unique V-shaped reinforced pedal has obtained a national patent. This design makes the pedal no longer easy to bend, and the strength and load-bearing capacity have also been improved. Not only the pedal, but the design of the ladder has also been patented. Dr. Ladder’s ladders are well distinguished. The main materials are black glass steel and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with black oxidation treatment or primary color, as well as stickers and components with eye-catching orange-yellow color matching. Even the galvanized pull studs used are in the incoming material. Sampling is carried out for 48 hours of salt spray test from time to time, and it can be used as production picking after passing the random inspection.


As one of the high-end brands in the market, Dr.Ladder is not only recognized by China Railway and China Construction but also approved and praised by the safety supervision department during the exhibition. The best-selling brand of engineering ladder, you deserve it.