The difference between 10-year and 30-year service life scaffolding

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The role of Dr. Ladder scaffolding

(1) Stack and transport a certain amount of building materials. (2) Ensure the safety of construction personnel when working at high places. (3) Meet the requirements of short-distance horizontal transportation.

The so-called stacking and transportation of a certain amount of building materials is a built-in platform in the scaffolding structure. The weight that the platform can carry is 200kg per square meter. Such load-bearing has a good guarantee for workers and scattered tools and materials.

It is safe and reliable. When installing the Ladder Disc buckle scaffold, the self-weight effect of the seam must be considered, so that the seam has a reliable two-way self-locking ability, and the load acting on the cross bar is transmitted to the vertical rod through the disc buckle scaffold. Make the disc scaffolding relatively safe and reliable.


Long service life. Because the fastener scaffolding abandoned the bolt connection during the installation process, its components can withstand collisions. Even if they are corroded, they will not affect the use of assembly and disassembly. Therefore, its service life is tighter than other products that can be used for more than 30 years. The firmware scaffolding is much longer.

Mobile aluminum truss is a very common construction equipment in Hong Kong. Contractors will set up mobile aluminum scaffolding for some new construction projects, repairs and maintenance projects, etc., to provide safe import and export and workbenches so that employees can work at heights safely.

At Dr. Ladder, our aluminum and steel scaffolding are made of the highest quality materials. It not only complies with the most stringent safety regulations, but also guarantees service life, durability, maneuverability and strength due to its highest level of technology. As a lightweight and heavy-duty folding work platform. Dr. Ladder scaffold is composed of a one-piece folding frame, platform and casters, which can provide immediate low-level maintenance and can be assembled in a few seconds. Users can choose the platform position with the highest working height of 4m.

Its characteristics mainly include:

High-strength aluminum structure

Cold-formed extrusion joint

Platform position can be selected

Fold a frame and platform

Heavy duty 360 degree casters

Lightweight and portable

Automatic locking brace

Scaffolds with a lifespan of 10 years are often only 1.6mm thick, and they are prone to deformation, fracture or even collapse when the load is too large. The 30-year life span of Dr. Ladder's scaffold has a wall thickness of 2mm and a load-bearing capacity of 1000kg.