How to choose the right ladder ?

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How to choose the right ladder ?

For construction workers, must be familiar with aluminum alloy ladders.Ladder is a variety of brackets erected for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation at the construction site.

Now you can still see the downstairs facade being renovated. It has been renovated for a long time. If you use our companys aluminum ladder, you will have a rest and tea. So what else can our companys ladder be used?

The human department is used for building, halls, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc., as the internal support of the formwork or as the flying model to support the mainframe; as the surface and back grid scaffolding for high-rise construction.

Work platform for motor placement, hull repair, and other decoration projects;

The manipulative door scaffold is equipped with a simple room frame to form a station and a construction site dormitory, stack, or shed;

It is used to set up tentative viewing stands and stands. It is still too late to use our company's portal scaffolding. Welcome to call our company for consultation and purchase, and strive to complete the decoration as soon as possible.

There are many types of ladders on the market now, such as aluminum alloy ladders; telescopic ladders, absolute green ladders, herringbone ladders, and many other types. Some types may not even be heard of.

There are so many choices that many people have to face when buying a ladder, but there is no accurate answer to how to choose. After all, everyones needs, preferences, funds, etc. which determines everyones choice. There are differences.

1 Select the type of ladder

Although there are many types of ladders, they can be divided according to the current market mainstream, mainly divided into aluminum alloy ladders, telescopic ladders, insulated ladders, herringbone ladders,

I feel that when buying a ladder, we must first look at the demand. What kind of demand is there and what kind of ladder to buy is more reasonable.

2 Choose ladder brand

In fact, choosing a brand is to choose quality and after-sales. Compared with ordinary ladders, brand ladders are easier for people to buy, which is where the brand advantage lies.

Many ladder manufacturers focus on one material. For example, they use high-strength aluminum alloy materials. Of course, I would not choose the copycat manufacturers. I can't believe it.

Everyone's choice of brand choice is not the same, it is better to choose according to personal preferences.


3 choose products based on funds

Of course, when choosing a product, personal preference also plays a decisive role. The choice of a product is nothing more than performance, appearance, materials and workmanship, and how to choose

I believe it depends on everyone's money and preferences. Of course, the money is still very important.

When choosing a product, you should look at some of the user experience or evaluation articles that have already purchased. It is better to read some negative articles, so that you can better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the selected ladder

Points to help you choose.

4 select sellers based on after-sales

After-sales is undoubtedly what every user cares about when buying a machine.

Online shopping has been very popular in recent years. Of course, I am also used online shopping. I also buy ladders online. I bought them on It is cheaper than Taobao. However, the recent negative news about JD has made me very worried.

The price is much more favorable than in the store.

I decided to buy it there next time.


At last: the common sense of purchasing aluminum alloy ladder

1. When purchasing, check whether the four legs of the ladder are level and whether there is loose riveting or welding.

2. If you buy an insulating ladder, you also need to see if there is blistering on the bottom surface.

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