The safety measures after the holiday should be six one

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1 Carry out a safety responsibility commitment

Scaffolding company organize and carry out job safety responsibility commitments, clarify the safety responsibilities of the person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of safety, the person in charge of the department, the head of operation, the team leader, and the employee, so that the responsibility is determined by the post and the responsibility is performed according to the responsibility. Establish the concept of "Failure to implement responsibility is the biggest hidden danger", consciously integrate it into daily production work, and earnestly abide by various safety management rules and regulations.

2 Carry out a safety education for all employees

Enterprises should conduct "level three" safety education and training for new employees and transferred employees; they must conduct a safety knowledge re-education and retraining for employees who return to their original positions after the holiday to wake up returning employees’ awareness of safe production and improve their safe operation skills. Allow employees to transition their mental awareness from vacation to work; strictly review the qualifications of special operators, ensure that they have certificates, and conduct job safety education for special operators. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent and control the risks caused by the "vacation syndrome" that employees may have to reduce production safety accidents caused by human operation errors.

3 Conduct a pre-class meeting on safety topics

The team is the basic unit of enterprise safety management and the "front position" of safety management. It is very important to do a good job in team safety construction. All units should organize, guide and supervise the production team to carry out a safety topic pre-class meeting. The team leader leads the team members to make safety commitments, conduct heart-to-heart talks, understand everyone's physical and mental state after the holiday, and analyze the risks they face during work together. Reminder, consciously achieve the "four no harm".

4 Carry out a comprehensive safety inspection

Before resuming work, enterprises should conduct comprehensive inspections, overhauls, and inspections of various lifting machinery, production vehicles, power lines, electrical equipment, and hand tools to ensure normal and safe operation of equipment and facilities. Strengthen the inspection of scaffolding, height and edge holes safety protection, support protection, ventilation and lighting, emergency passages, etc., to ensure safety and reliability. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate hidden dangers at the scene according to their own actual conditions to effectively prevent various accidents.

5 Carry out a safety inspection

Enterprise management personnel should go to the site to check the safe operation of equipment and facilities, strengthen the inspection and supervision of the correct wearing and use of labor protection equipment for employees, and strengthen communication with employees to understand their thinking status in time.

At the same time, when companies resume work and resume production after the holiday, they must supervise employees to strengthen safety protection when conducting line maintenance and cleaning. To clean the limited space of septic tanks, sewage tanks, tanks, etc., the relevant regulations of the limited space must be strictly implemented; in particular, it is forbidden to use flammable and explosive organic solvents such as thinner water, white electric oil, etc. to scrub floors and clean machines to avoid fire accidents. If it is necessary to use it, it must be approved and strictly protected.

6 Carry out a safety production law enforcement inspection

Front-line law enforcement personnel should strengthen safety production law enforcement inspections, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production, and ensure the safety of resumption of work; at the same time, go deep into the enterprise, guide and urge the enterprise to strengthen safety management, and strictly follow the laws and regulations if there are potential safety hazards that do not meet the conditions Investigate and deal with; all production enterprises should combine the characteristics of post-holiday safety production work to carry out various forms of safety production publicity and education and training activities, improve the safety awareness and ability of various employees, and prevent safety accidents.